A word that defines your personal brand

Before you judge me, I know I probably am the last person to read Eat Pray Love. However, I understand the hype completely: the appeal of soul searching, travelling, finding the sole word that defines who you are, in other words: your being.

For Liz, the word was antevasin, Sanskrit for ‘one who lives at the border.’

Trump’s word is “showman”, as, quoting Naomi Klein,

“it is not like he is taking advantage of an external shock, he is the shock. And every 10 minutes he creates a new one. It is like he has these lasers coming out of his belt.”

For Rome, it was sex. For Stockholm — conformity. New York — ambition.

A word for Zurich, I would say, is wealth.

If people and cities can have words defining their being, so can brands. Brands are like Pinocchio: their ultimate aspiration is to be alive.

Ideally, a brand strives to think and act in a humanly way, as a living, breathing organism defined by humans that love, like or even dislike it. However, a brand can never truly be human, so it settles for an ideal rather than a word describing a being.

Disney’s ideal, in one word, is magic, in a few: dreams come true.

Personal branding is where the two concepts (of being and ideal) intertwine.

We, ambitious professionals, can have a word for our being, but personal branding demands to make your word valuable for your career and life goals. Would calling yourself antevasin help you attract opportunities of a Marketing Manager? Unlikely.

Should not change who you are, even if your being is not aimed at becoming a wolf of Wall Street? Never!

Let’s think how your nature as antevasin can help you attract opportunities. Why not turn it into observer, risk taker, researcher for your LinkedIn profile or a portfolio. You will get a few more words to throw in your job interview while staying under the umbrella of your being.

You might now know your word yet. It’s okay. For research purposes (and entertainment), I turned to online tests: Buzzfeed let me know my word was wistful, Zimbio told me it’s sophisticated, and Playbuzz — love. It gave me a good laugh, but one thing I know for sure: no online test will ever know me as well as I do, and it is up to me to search for my word.

A noun, a verb, an adjective: don’t restrict yourself! You will know it when you find it, and behind it will be the root of your personal brand.