What is reality return and what is its use?

Real estate investment is popular to provide a basis of investment returns with reduced risk as well as historically more reliable ways of preserving wealth. The utility of blockchain technology in the area of real estate investment has a probability to disrupt the $217 trillion global market via giving entrance to real estate investment worldwide and lowering the barriers of investment and providing entry as well as liquidity to the market.

Reality return is a double-sided marketplace which makes use of blockchain technology to offer income-producing real estate venture in the form of security tokens on blockchain to shareholder present all around the globe. This decentralized financial system of the blockchain will provide an effective process of securing as well as investing charge for real estate via this platform.

Know the Problem-

International Real estate investor wishes to own American real estate however they face a significant barrier to entering the market. Another problem is that the cryptocurrency holder seeks a credible option to receive stable profits from the blockchain venture backed by the real asset. And lastly, real estate is illiquid as well as capital intensive.
Know the Solution-

Reality return is a platform leveraging the strength to offer options for the investors to take part in the real estate venture across the borders. Also, the tokens of this platform enable buyers to capture the comparative share of the income created by real assets and sale profit. This system is made on the proven crowdfunding model on the basis of founders experience as well as achievement in the real estate crowdfunding area. They pool small investors and give each participant an ability to invest a small source to own the portion of the share of all the property. The return tokens of reality return are transferable on exchanges thus; the investor has an option to exit the investment position.

Blockchain technology-

Throughout the history, contracts have been dependent on the methods that build up much trust. Thus, each party provides evidence which will hold its end of the bargain. Also, if one party gives cash and other parties fall short of delivering security, grave market integrity is lacked, offering assurance that market may operate without undue friction. Blockchain will sort out this issue. This is a first-ever platform which is unable to be altered on decentralized ledger existing on the global scale, prominently decreasing requirement for middleman, long settlement times and complex auditing system.

Smart contract-

In the past few years, Turing-complete encoding languages are implemented in the decentralized blockchain. This system makes use of a smart contract to add up as well as modify the data in random sequence based on the design of user.

The business model of reality returns-

Straightforward as well as the scalable business model is followed by the reality return. When a purchaser invests in the property, this platform will charge 3 percent of security token issuance.

Access tokens-

This token will be issued by the platform during its ICO which will work as membership token for the platform, and it will perform as dividend key allowing wallets holder to get income in ETC based on cash flow linked with any property as well as security tokens held inside the same wallet. 
Also, only a few access token will be made available. Thus, access token might be sold or else transferred to the third party through reality return listed money exchange. An access token is implemented partially for supporting the early members, and thus, a holder will get the entire dividend for all income payment without paying the transaction fee.

Return token-

This token is made in ERC-20 that is a standardized ethereum blockchain system, and models of this token employ the proprietary protocol for enforcing compliance on resultant transfer. This token embeds observance at a token level as well as enables the decentralized replacement of the confidential securities across the platforms which support ERC-20 coin. These, in turn, increase the liquidity when compared to confining trade with single centralized trade in order to implement regulatory compliance. Regulatory requirements can be enforced by the centralized exchanges which will limit degree Including AML, KYC as well as accreditation.

There are 3 core services on ethereum blockchain, and it is incorporated in return token which are- 
• The governor service 
• The returns token 
• The service recorder 
All of these services can be implemented within a sole smart contract wherein governor service and the service recorder working are built in the smart contract of the return token. The platform plans to apply this service as 3 distinct smart contracts. Implementation as the separate smart contract enables easier upgrade as the regulatory needs evolve with time.

Token sale-

The platform will sell 1.2 billion accesses token through smart contact. Membership token that will be created will be 150 million, and it will be sold through smart contract while crowd sale. Out of this 20% of the membership, token is built as well as held by the reality return treasury. The 10% is given to advisor, team member, advisor, and mass adoption project and brand ambassador. The next 10% is allocated to the founder as well as subjected to the vesting period.

Use of token-

Access token use-
This type of token is membership token which enables extra payment in ETH on the return token should be held by the same account. The limited-edition ERC-20 coin is designed to support early members who bypass via entire dividend without asking for transaction fees. This token is sold to other member and offers a portion of pre- ICO.
Return token-

This kind of token is ERC-20 coins which can be backed by the physical real estate. Every token is linked to particular property as well as sold on the security token trade for the liquidity.

I hope this article provided you with enough knowledge on this RealityReturn. Now, you may refer its site to get to know about the period of pre-ICO or ICO. You can also read the roadmap as well as the main aim of this platform. Read thoroughly each and every detail given and then take part in its sale to enjoy the profits. Hurry up and visit this platform now!

Website : https://realtyreturns.io
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Telegram channel : https://t.me/realtyreturnsglobal
Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/realtyreturns
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