In Person Drop

I went to UBL 89-H, Jail Rd, Gulberg 1, Lahore, Punjab on Tuesday. I had applied at UBL online for the post of Relationship Associate — CBG. Then I go in personal drop for the purpose of going extra mile. During this I have learn the following things as.

First of all I meet with the watch man and get the permission of hand out the C.V directly to the HR manager of the UBL. After some verification he gives me permission. I wear proper dress and also make rehearsal of my elevator pitch and then I went into the Bank and meet with the HR manager I drop my C.V and customized cover letter to the HR manager and when I start to present my elevator pitch the HR manager tells me that you should present it when you are selected so please thank you for dropping your C.V in personal and see you we will meet soon. After that I left the bank and I feel very bad experience that he did not have enough time to hear my elevator pitch. But I learn lot that the dressing is playing very big role when you drop your C.V in personal if I cannot wear the proper dress then the watch man did not let me in the Bank or even he did not give me permission for meeting with the HR manager. The challenge I face that is the HR manager not response me well he is very busy and did not pay attention of my efforts. The second thing I noticed that if you apply for the bank online then they did not respond you it is very good way to drop your C.V in personal. I overcome these drawbacks next time through get the appointment of the HR manager first and then I will meet him. I will not go in the busy hours like in the noon or in the evening in these hours the bankers are very busy in their activities and they does not give better response. After the in personal drop I share all of the things with my friends and fellows.

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