Smart Goals

Smart goals we means setting your goals on the following principles:

S: specific

M: measurable

A: attainable

R: realistic

T: time bound

So these are the following principles for setting smart goals. Through these principles we get most effective results from our goals. Our goals should be specific that we mean the goals are not broad or too vague that we are difficult to understand what is actually we want to achieve. Every body understands our goal at a glance. Setting goals specific means our goals are within the specified boundaries.

For example:

“The sales department is committed to enhance the sales.”

It is the example of a less specific goal that at what extend to enhance in sales or what percentage increase in sales is required. This is also not clear about how much of our goal we achieve and how much is remaining. Specific goals are easy to achieve able and they are easily quantify able.

Example of specific goal:

“The sales department wants to increase sales by 2%”

It is the example of specific goal that the sales department wants to achieve. It is very important aspect of setting a goal which is very effective. It is also very important because it is an easy way to identify your objective goals not as a subjective.

Measurable is another principle of an effective goal setting. Measurable means how we quantify the performance of our goals. At any stage we are able to measure how much or how many parts of our goal are achieved and what part of our goal is remaining. After knowing the completion stage of the goal we might change the action plans of our goal according to the work remaining. Some of the goals are measurable. For example the goal of making 80% marks is not measurable in different stages.

Attainable is another important to know that the goals we are setting are achievable or not. We always want to set the goals which we achieve easily. In this faze we consider our resources that is we quantify our resources. Through we are enabling to know that we are able or not to achieve our goals or not. Always set attainable goals it is very important principle in goal setting.

For example:

If the sales department is set the goal that they want to increase sales by 50% then we say that it is not attainable goal.

If the sales department says that they want to increase sales by 5% then we say yes it is attainable goal.

Realistic is another thing take in to account before setting a goal. It means the goals are realistic and they are objective not subjective they are achievable in the real world. It also means the goals should be put into action not just take about the goals they should be actionable. It also means we have enough resources to put these goals into actions.

Time bound means the time period should be specified. We mention that how much time is required to complete the goal. Without specifying the time period it is useless for us to set a goal. The goal is set without any specified time period is very vague.

Fore example:

Increase in sales 5% before august

The above written gal is time bound because the time is specified that the increase is when before august.

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