Principle of Progress

Progress is within you

“I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort by which rule I believed I could win”, these golden words were said by the richest poor of the world, one of the most famous humanitarian in the history of mankind, none other than ABDUL SATTAR EDHI.

He used to say this when he told his childhood stories of playing games, especially marathon racing in which he was a master. It is an evidence that nothing in this world is possible without effort as it is synonym to success, because success is only achieved by making effort again and again. In Urdu language it is called “Amal” which is the most basic step to progress. Only with this step you are able to know yourself. Because if you haven’t tried something how can you know that you are better at it or not. As an instance a singer could not know about himself that he is a good singer or not until and unless he tries to sing.

When I was in school, I participated in an event specially arranged in accordance with the day of birth of national poet of Pakistan Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and I was to recite his short poem in front of all the students of the school probably between 500 and 600. When I went on the stage, I forgot everything and then read the poem after the interruption of one of my teacher, I was very disappointed with it and harsh remarks of passed by some of my colleagues discouraged me a lot. I thought that public speaking is not my business but later I was encouraged by teachers to play a role in a play and a speech by saying no excuses would be entertained and only you have to play the part. I acted upon the first principle of progress “AMAL” as mentioned above and did a finest job. Later I made some presentations as well and now in university I was among the top 10 of the class in the course of “Presentation Skills”.

I have been very introvert type of person so I feel very uncomfortable in a group of people. That’s why some of the people say me “Khamosh Tabiyat” (silence supporter). Since last four years, my family has been facing some litigation in civil court, Lahore. After my father, my paternal uncle used to help us in the legal issues, but as time passed, he tried to walk away from this hectic matters, but resisted to do it due to family pressure. I used to attend hearings with my uncle along with the lawyer. At last my uncle clearly took himself out of these legal cases. From last few months, our lawyer was attending the hearings alone and I could not attend it because of my university.

I always resisted to enter in the court room and never ever thought to do so lonely. The environment of the court room, the terrible announcements pf the case tittles, the frowned face of the honorable judge and surroundings filled by some criminals enhanced my nervousness.

In the last week, I attended a couple of motivational lectures and it includes an assignment of overcoming your fears and perform a task for which you are always afraid of, I thought being motivated by lectures that this is the right time to defeat my fears and attend the court hearing. I encouraged myself to go to the court room alone because I wanted to cross check the statements of my lawyer which were told me about the previous hearings. Probably making my mind to do such from which I am afraid of was the first step towards the completion of my goal because you can’t do anything before making a solid plan and firmly stick to it.

On the day, standing up for the execution of your plan is the second step. I went to civil court for the hearing. I entered the building and read the floor number written in front of the name of the judge, it was mentioned 6th floor, and I went through the stairs over and over again to reach the 6th floor. The blank and worried faces of the client and a huge hullaballoo created by lawyers made me a bit more nervous but overcame it. I searched the room of the concerned judge. It was a small room in which judge was sitting.

For the execution of the last part of the plan, I entered the room, went to the reader and tell him the case title. I asked him in a slower voice just for the respect of the place but he replied me to speak louder so that I could listen you. I told him louder and then he told me about the concerned case. So until you Amal you can’t progress.