Words from the Bearded Ninjas Lexicon # 49302: Postbone

POSTBONE (verb) [po-st-bo-ne] 
Root words:
 • Postpone to reschedule
 • Bone- slang term for having sex

POSTBONE: When the you have to ask for a raincheck on a date you know you would have gotten laid on.

Eg: Jennifer I so wanted to see you tonight for out Netflix date but somethings come up and I have to postbone. How’s next Fri?

Related words: 
• Up-dated: When you postbone a date because your shallow as fuck and an even hotter woman just called you to hangout. 
• De-lay: When your an idiot and say something insensitive that turns her off and she chooses not to have sex with you yet because she’s not sure about you.

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