Create your own happiness

To write or not to write? Well I decided that for tonight I shall write. I have always been at a loss for words when I had to start writing, I never really knew how to start anything and how to write the first sentence in order to catch your attention. But I guess if you got this far, I managed to instill some curiosity after all, if not, my bad.

I find myself today at a crossroads. I remember clearly how naive I was at age 18 thinking that I knew everything. I was an adult and now was the time to start adulting, to start taking life decisions that will shape my future. I imagined that by age 28 I will already be settled down, have a stable job, you know, the usual, maybe even a kid. Well things are never that simple; although I have excelled at school, it has been very hard to choose a path. Once I got into university, I was starting to feel more and more lost, so lost that today at almost age 28 I am afraid to say I am the exact opposite of my naive 18 year old self.

I know nothing, yet surprisingly I am quite happy with it. But still, I know nothing, my oh my.. shouldn’t I have my life together, maybe an apartment by now, a stable job? shouldn’t I finally be able to say “okay this is my life”? well, this is my life! I am almost 28 years old and I know nothing, but this is my life. I am still searching, evolving, learning, failing, trying, failing better, then moving on. And in the end, I do know something, it does not matter what society expects of you, it does not matter that by age 28 you still don’t have a house, a car, or even a kid. It does not matter because the universe still keeps expanding, the world population clock still keeps ticking, winter still turns into spring and flowers still blossom in my garden. All that matters is to create your own happiness, whether it is in pursuing a career in finance, in teaching, in baking vegan pastries or in simply being a family person and raising your kids. All that matters is to accept that maybe what makes you happy does not correspond to what people and your family have expected of you, but it’s alright, it is your life, it is your time that is slowly slipping away. Make the best of the time you have left and create your own happiness.

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