The Nexus Between Changes in Traveler Experiences and Airport Design

Gone are the days when most peoples narration of their travel experiences used to start from the moment of take-off right up to landing. A lot has changed and much of it due to changes in the design of the airport and elements such as airport furniture. An Airport Experience survey by Priority Pass had 53 percent of the respondents indicating that they relish the time they spend at an airport in much the same way as they do actual flying.

What has influenced the change?

This drastic shift in traveler behavior and perceptions has been driven by a renewed focus on customer experience. Everything has changed from the aesthetics to design of the entire structure as well as elements such as airport furniture, check in desks, and wayfinding signs. Airports have also seen retail expansion, sports, entertainment, and unique opportunities to relax. Many terminals are transforming to become destinations in their own right

A treasure-trove for bargain hunters

Research has shown that a significant portion of travelers, about 64 percent, expect bagging some bargains at the airport, duty-free or otherwise. This was also discovered to be the reason why more than half of all travelers arrive early for their flights. The availability of such options influences the choice of airport to fly from for 42 percent of frequent flyers.

High-end retail

The change in traveler perceptions has been greatly influenced by the rise in high street retail outlets at airports, growing at a steady 12 percent annually. Such business now accounts for almost 20 percent of airports’ revenue.


Apart from the shopping experience and opportunity to land great deals, airport also offer a unique concentration of entertainment and recreation options. New airports sprouting across the world, especially Asia, offer amazing interactive experiences for travelers. The available options cater to all age groups and interests and you can even find museum exhibitions at some of the airports.

The future is now!

Investors in new airports or those seeking to breathe new life in existing ones must look to established airport design service providers for advice and work on the project. It is advisable to go for a company that can provide comprehensive services such as airport furniture design, console design, wayfinding signs, and check in desk design all customized to suit your requirement.

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