6 Best Purchases That Improved My Work Life

Alis Ghimire
3 min readOct 15, 2022
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Over the years, I have spent my hard-earned money on things I believed would improve my work life. Some fell short of my expectations, while others were an outright waste of money.

However, there are a few purchases that have been worth every penny and made my life a lot easier. From boosted productivity to additional comfort, these tools have forever changed the way I work.

So, let’s get straight into it!

6 best purchases that improved my work life

Ergonomic chair ($200+)

I made the mistake of cheap skating on my first chair. As a result, I had to deal with gruesome back pain that put me on bed rest for two months. From that point onwards, I’ve been very thoughtful of the chairs I bought.

Ergonomic chairs are built to promote good posture and provide spine support. As freelance writers, we spent a good chunk of our time on our chairs. So, it’s a no-brainer that it needs to be comfortable.

Laptop Stand ($15+)

Neck and shoulder pain had become a recurring theme for me while working on my laptop and it was hampering my productivity. Turns out, it was due to the poor positioning of my screen height. According to a study, correctly adjusted computer screen height can significantly reduce neck and shoulder pain.

A laptop stand has become a game-changer for me. The neck pain doesn’t bother me as much and my posture has significantly improved.

Time block planner ($15+)

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The Time block planner breaks down your day into smaller blocks of time, making it easier to focus on the task at hand. According to Cal Newport, a productivity writer and professor, time block replaces stressful busyness with empowering intentions.

I’ve become more proactive after switching to a time block planner. It gives me a clear plan throughout the day and minimizes distractions.

Blue light glass ($20+)

Blue light glasses safeguard our eyes by filtering out the blue light emitted by electronic devices. Although they’re proven NOT to be harmful, they can still affect other aspects of our health. According to a study by Harvard, these lights can disrupt our sleep and circadian rhythm.

So, wearing a blue light glass, especially during the evening, has helped me get sound sleep and overcome screen headaches.

Noise-canceling headphones ($100+)

If you work in a noisy environment like a cafe or other public space, noise-canceling headphones can save you from unwanted distractions. It blocks outside noise and helps you stay focused.

I find myself more productive when I have my headphones on, especially with soothing music on.

Meditation apps ($10+)

Meditation reduces the stress and anxiety of everyday life. It’s a routine I stick to no matter what. A daily 2-hour session has made me more aware of my thoughts and enabled me to stay productive.

You can start your meditation journey with YouTube tutorials or mobile apps. There are several options on the AppStore, both free and paid, that have easy-to-follow sessions. If you’re new to it, it’s a good idea to start with shorter sessions of 20–30 minutes.



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