I’m Fat, Bald, Queer, Have a M.A. in Gender Studies & All I Got Was This Inbox Full of Rejection
MC Lampe

Thank you for writing this. I definitely had some similar feelings after I graduated. I applied for over 70 jobs and usually heard nothing back from them! It’s so frustrating when we both know how important are the things we learned at U of L in the Women’s and Gender Studies department about so many issues that are important to our world: race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. It’s just not appreciated the way it should be by prospective employers. Maybe it’s because we were neighbors for awhile and it was in our water but all I wanted was to be a “do-gooder” too. I wanted to do something with my life that makes my community a better more just place to live. My dream job sort of fell into my lap, but also because I volunteered for the organization that most fit what I wanted to do. Then, when they had an opening, they thought of me. I’m so lucky and I’m hoping some of that luck falls to you very soon too because you’re an awesome person and the world needs you.

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