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Hi Friends,

I am creating this post just to warning you if you are looking or searching anything related to “recycle waste paper newspaper pencil machine” and found this company” Center for Application of Renewable Energy (CARE)” .. I advice you don’t trust this company as it is fraud and cheater company.

They made lots of websites on internet and trapping people saying that they supply low cost and low budget machines and help to start your eco friendly start up business.

the list of websites I found is as below:


there may be more websites but I found these are available.

I have lost lot of my money and time with this company. and also I found lot of victims who has been cheated by this company. and I don’t want anybody more to loose money and time on this company that’s why I am creating this post.

the address and contact no of their is as below :

OFF : 302/A1 Bhimashankar, sec 19-A Nerul Navi Mumbai 400706
HQ : 404, Janvi Residency, Kalundre Village, Panvel- Maharashtra – India Pin 410–211
Liaison : Wz1221-A nangal Raya, Nr Janakpuri “D” Block, Pankha Road, New Delhi 110046
Customer Care — ( 8097119058 , 8097127783 , 022–67937982 , 022–21632746 , 022–27722675 )
Skype : care.india , Gtalk : care.india0
email : care@care-india.com / care@eco-pencil.com / care@ecomachines.in

if you want to try google/call their numbers and you will find most of the time their numbers won’t work and they keep changing their numbers.

if you want to try yourself, ask them to show their factory or machines, they will totally refuse you saying that they will not show you their machines unless you become their client. and once you pay them for machines and become their client you are trapped in their scheme. you will have to run behind them for your machines to be installed and delivered for months and months and if you are lucky enough you will get your machinery after few months of struggle, but don’t be surprised those machines will be made from completely scarped materials and it’ll be totally useless machines, at any cost you will not be able to use it.

this is how this company works and cheats people.

there are three people I know in this company,

1) Mr. Susan Dsouza , 2) Mr. Sebastian Kushero , 3) Ms Yuka Dmello

Don’t know they are real or not, I only met Mr. Sebastian Kushero , rest both only appears in email only, I never talked with them or met them. may be their names can be fake. I am not sure.

My advice and request is don’t be trapped by this company. Visit their factory (If they have) and office, and you will know all the truth.

That’s all, I have done my job, rest upon to you, if you want to save your money and time, be alert, be smart.

Your Well-wisher

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