if you’re contemplating a career in cybersecurity using Linux is something you must get familiar with. As a newbie to Linux myself , if there’s anyone who feels like they are the only one with little to no knowledge of this talked about OS , let me assure you are not alone. * high five * *winks*

As I am involved in Learn N Share organization where we are assigned projects and we have to complete that project in certain duration . I can’t tell you amazing and wonderful it is when you have submitted your project and you are onto your next project. So for our Phase VII project we were given a series of video about Basic Linux Commands . At first I was reluctant about this course and me using Linux OS because ever since I have been exposed to computers I have only used Windows . It was a new challenge and a lot of research work went into that . Why Linux for cybersecurity and why people say it is so secure than other operating systems ! I wanted to share some of my findings about Linux someone who is struggling with Linux .

What is Linux ?

Why Linux is more secure than other operating system ?

Linux being an open source OS , anyone can customize the OS according to their need and code themselves . If there are vulnerabilities the user can repair it themselves, from wherever they are. This helps to improve the security of the system.

If a perpetrator sends a malicious attachments the user first need to save the attachment before executing it and if set up correctly, they would need permissions grant before they could open it. These extra steps make Linux comparatively more secure.

I don’t know whether this is the one of the reasons of Linux being more secure but as I have done my research the most cited reason for Linux’s safety relates to its low usage numbers apparently. Linux has less than three percent of the market . So , to target Linux for hackers might be a tough and daunting task whether or not to try to exploit the system because if they want to make some serious damage they can do it by running just a piece of code and with other operating system they can reach to large population .

Why people in cybersecurity prefer Linux than other OS ?

open source

Command line and graphical user interface

Multitasking and security

Linux is more secure as compare to other operating systems. Cybersecurity people need the more secure platform to perform their tasks.

So acknowledging the above reasons , people interested in cybersecurity always want an operating system that provide secure environment to test their skills . I hope you might have find this helpful . So just give try to the talked about OS — “Linux” . Best wishes and Good Luck !!