if you’re contemplating a career in cybersecurity using Linux is something you must get familiar with. As a newbie to Linux myself , if there’s anyone who feels like they are the only one with little to no knowledge of this talked about OS , let me assure you are not alone. * high five * *winks*

As I am involved in Learn N Share organization where we are assigned projects and we have to complete that project in certain duration . I can’t tell you amazing and wonderful it is when you have submitted your project and you are…

web crawling

A web crawler , spider or search engine bot downloads and indexes content from all over the internet. The goal of such bots is to learn what every web page on the web is about , so that the info can be retrieved when it’s needed. They’re called “web crawlers’ because crawling is the technical term for automatically accessing a website and obtaining data via a software program.

Is web crawling legal ?

Web crawling is commonly used:

Web crawling basically is how the internet functions. For example, SEO needs to create sitemaps and gives their permissions to let Google…

I am a student doing my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I have always heard the term cyber-security (sadly mostly from boys) and all the hacking stuffs and of-course there are also some movies which portray hackers as cool being so , why not be a member of that cool gang I thought. Jokes apart, cyber-security is a necessity in this modern world and I am just a girl who is in her journey , in fact which is a long journey to become a security expert. I am trying to keep up anyone who is new in this journey…

Alisha Gyawali

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