Benefits Of Cloud Based Application Testing

Over the last decade, cloud computing has gained momentous attention. Providing extensive ways of storing the applications remotely, it is opening new vistas of opportunity in the field of software testing. Testing has traditionally been viewed as an over-expensive affair. The requirement of a dedicated infrastructure and resources used intermittently made it essential for organizations to use cloud in software testing. Cloud computing has the potential to change the way software testing is executed.

Cloud based testing has the potential to offer lower costs, eliminate the upfront capital expenditures further addressing the ever-rising demands for test environments. Cloud computing has the ability to carry out testing at a high speed with an economical cost that is unattainable with the traditional method of testing. Readily available cloud-based tools, provides the necessary agility needed in testing increasing the overall development of the project. From business perspective, this form of testing facilitates a timely approach and helps in meeting necessary customer needs. By adopting this method, a win-win situation occurs for the companies as well as for the customers.

The reasons for using this technique are quite obvious, but for the record, it provides the following benefits:

· Cost Effectiveness: Cloud specific testing services helps in eradicating the costs involved with the traditional method of testing like infrastructure costs etc.

· Pay-per-use: The main advantage of using the cloud service is that you pay for the service that you use.

· Scalability: Scale up and scale down provision is much faster in cloud than in any other traditional method of testing

· Effective load and stress testing: A realistic amount of load can be calculated than with the traditional load testing.

· Quicker Testing: Without considering the costs, testing can be carried out much more quickly and easily with this technique.

After talking about the benefits, let’s talk about the challenges faced by Cloud based testing:

· Setting up of a restricted testing environment: It becomes a challenge to create an automatically set testing environment according to user preference. Due to the lack of cloud enablement in various existing testing tools, it is challenging for the engineers to create a demand test environment.

· Security: The security of data is at utmost risk as it is stored in a public network presented by a cloud service provider. This is the reason for a rigorous security testing in the cloud.

· Cloud Vendor: Choosing the right vendor becomes a huge task for the companies as you have to pay for the services you avail. But, anticipating the services and needs beforehand can become a task.