Week 6: The Internet’s Favourite Star

I have four photos for you this week. Also I started an Instagram for my photography so you can follow me @am.being on Instagram if you so desire. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

Ninja: the cat belonging to my dear friend Brittany.

Out of all four photos, this is probably my favourite. The backlight is highlighting Ninja in a appealing way. I like how the background is blurred and Ninja’s ears and head are highlighted. I think the contrast between the shadows and sunlight is nice. I also enjoy the colors in this photo.


I do not like this photo as much because of the colors. I think the coloring in this photo is more bland, but I have a tendency to enjoy the darker richer coloring of photos so maybe I’m biased. I like that Ninja is in the very center of the photo and looking directly at the camera. Lastly, I think his face may be a bit blurry, unfortunately.

Phyllis: the apartment complex cat.

This photo and the one after are both taken through our sliding glass door which gives Phyllis, who has beautiful coloring, a more bland look. I was trying to use the wall and blinds to frame her face as she looked in, but this photo feels a little off because the framing is angled a bit. I think this photo makes Phyllis look very desperate.


The framing in this photo isn’t angled as much. Phyllis is more in the center and I like that. I like that you can see more of Phyllis fur. I’m not sure how I feel about the reflective line that goes down the left side of Phyllis’ face…Overall I like this photo.