What Is Awakening and Why Do We Stay Asleep Rather Than Choose to Awaken?

I had an experience this past weekend that guided me to see how asleep I am. And, showed me clearly what it would mean to truly wake up.

Frustratingly, I also saw exactly what has me stuck in the sleep state.

I’m sharing this with you with the hopes that if I bring my understanding of awakening into the light, perhaps together we can make more progress.

And we must make more progress.

Living life asleep is destroying our future. While I have no question that the planet will survive, I don’t believe we will survive on the planet if we choose to stay asleep.

And the quality of life we do have here for as long as we have it will steadily decrease, for most of us.

While we may have the technology and medicine to live longer, will we really want to continue to live on a planet full of conflict, scarcity, and violence?

That’s not what I choose.

I look around me and I see the quality of life of those I know who are living most closely to fully awakened and I am inspired.

Their lives are full of harmony, ease and grace.

While they certainly do still experience conflict, they resolve quickly and healthily. They never speak of or seem to even experience scarcity, even when money appears to be short. And there is no violence in their immediate realms.

I choose this.

And now I can see where my own mis-alignment is keeping me asleep and stuck in old patterns of conflict, scarcity and, yes, even violence, quite often.

The question is, now that I see it more clearly, can I do what it takes to live wide awake and keep my eyes and heart open?

In order to do that, I will need to expand my capacity to feel to a much higher level of sensitivity.

At the same time, I will need to not take on anything I feel other than that which is actually true for me.

Calibrating to this degree of sensitivity while not taking on that which is not mine is serious spiritual jiu jitsu.

And, I believe that to truly awaken, it’s the path we need to be on.

Staying asleep, numbing out, being comfortable, not truly feeling other people, deflecting their pain so as to not take it on rather than learning to be present with other’s pain without taking it on … all of it far easier than engaging in the true act of awakening.

For a moment, this week, I touched the awakened state.

The degree of sensitivity I felt was nearly impossible to hold. My mind was certain I would die if I kept feeling as much as I was. Behind the mind, I could feel a depth of clarity that I’ve only experienced a few times before.

I was only able to hold it for a few moments, at most.

The glimpse was enough of a reminder for me to desire to commit to a practice that would allow me to build the muscle necessary to hold it longer.

I understand more now what Michael Singer writes about in the Untethered Soul and how to apply it in my own life. If you desire to awaken and remain awake, I recommend you read his book.

In order to truly come into harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet, we must awaken.

To do so …

  • Feel your feelings. All of them. All the way. All the time.
  • Feel other people’s feelings. And the feelings of the planet. Including, plants, animals and all of Life itself.
  • Use what you feel to adjust and adapt the ways you show up without losing yourself in the process.

Evolution, up until now, was based on survival of the fittest where fittest was determined by physical strength.

Physical fitness won’t get us to the next level. Elevating our consciousness, our capacity to feel, and truly get along with ourselves, each other and the planet will.

Yes, staying asleep is far easier in so many ways. Way more comfortable, in the short term, maybe. Until the conflict in your own life gets so bad that you’ve got to do something about it, at least.

I’m committed to something else.

My future self, who guides me often, reminds me that giving up current comfort in exchange for the depth of pleasure available on the other side of awakening is worth it.

And I can either choose to face what I am not looking at and wake up to it of my own free will, or I will likely be forced into it through an illness, or maybe even death.

I’d prefer to awaken while I can enjoy it. So, I’m expanding my capacity to feel, to be with others through their own tough feelings, and to calibrate quickly in the face of feedback that I identify as true.

This, is awakening.