Give Your Life A New Luminance!

Alisha Reddy
Aug 20, 2019 · 2 min read

Time and again we have thought about modernizing our house with lED panel lights in India instead of traditional fluorescent and CFL lightings. It is undoubtedly because of the host of benefits it comes with and the fast and easy access to saving electricity. LED panel lights in India have gained a lot of popularity in recent times as it distributes a brighter lighting environment and reduces the cost of maintenance compared to other types of lighting solutions.

LED panel lights for home comes with the following benefits:

Flexibility in design

LED panel light design comes with great flexibility in its design for kitchen or workplace formats to create the desired effect and shapes produced by them. It helps to benefit from the light distribution network.

Super bright

One of the major benefits of LED panel light is the high-quality reflective panels which are the reason for the super bright light solution and lighting conductor plate which provides ultimate luminance.


A well maintained LED panel light can work up to a hundred thousand hours which adds up to more than 27 years even after lighting it for 7 to 8 hours every day

Shock resistant

LED panel lights are shock resistant and unbreakable, as they are manufactured in aluminium frame instead of glass to resolve the high-temperature issue.

LED Panel Lights are eco-friendly which helps to save energy and causes minimal pollution in the manufacturing process. Jaquar lighting in India is one of the premier producers of LED panel lights for home, which contains zero mercury. Along with this one of the prime reasons for getting LED panel lights is that it can outlive 6 fluorescent bulbs which require high voltage while in use.

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