Strip Lights And Pocketful Of Admiration!

Alisha Reddy
Jun 24, 2019 · 2 min read

Home decor doesn’t come naturally to everybody. While some have a flair of creatively boosting their home aesthetics, the remaining others can struggle with the thought of creating a personalised, warm and comfortable space. If its imagination that is barring you from using LED strip lights for your home then here are the ideas you must play around with to make your guests drop their jaw in admiration for your lovely abode!

Around the TV Cabinet

Are you guilty of spending most of your time in front of the ‘Idiot Box’? Yes, or No, installing strip lights is a brilliant idea to add a touch of glamour and also protect your eyes from watching TV in improper lighting. Thus a constant backlight around your TV cabinet will be beneficial for your eyes and help you shift from darkness to brightness without your eyes hurting.

Kids Room Lighting

Younger kids often fear darkness and struggle with sleeping. Using LED strip lights for your kid’s room will aid your children in fighting the fear and feel more comfortable and secure in a perfectly illuminated room.

Around the mirrors

You are not less of any superstar and never forget that! Install these lights around the mirror in your bathroom and bask in that subtle glow. For women, the place is like heaven to do makeup or get dressed up. Also, if you love clicking pictures, this is likely the ideal place to get that stunning picture for Instagram.

Illuminate your Mandir

Adding LED strip lights around your Pooja room will make the surrounding look more inviting. The perfect lighting is likely to help you meditate better and accentuate the Idols perfectly.

Jaquar Lighting presents to you the best LED strip lights in India and adds magic to the entire setup of your room. If you want drama yet warmth in your home decor, these lights are a perfect catch!

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