Most important lesson

Every lesson that I learned during Amal fellowship was somehow life and career changing for me. From learning about khudi, resume writing to becoming a lifelong learner created a real difference in me and my personality. One of my favorite lessons that I learned during the fellowship was learning about LIFE OF A PURPOSE.

We all spend our lives in earning fame and money but only few people lead a life of purpose.

I was not much clear about my purpose until I had my life’s first one to one session with sir Ibrahim. He aligned my perceptive of living life by asking me my purpose of life and how to utilize what I have. After that in the in person session as well as in the online course I got it quite clear.

From the beginning I always wanted to something big for others but I used to think that how can I do this by using my knowledge. I felt struck in my field but my perception was completely changed after joining Amal sessions. Now I know my purpose of life. I can help others by small things and those small things will ultimately make huge difference.

I think this concept is important because many of us just pass our lives without doing something and when we think about our whole life, nothing shows the purpose of our living. We all should have something worth life spending.

I will apply this lesson by remaining determined to my purpose and benefiting others. Along with that I will tell other fellows about this concept who thinks life is useless and has got no purpose.

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