Outdoor session

The best part of life is having people of your caliber and having some leisure time to spend with them. The “need of recreation” is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be “fun”.

As the Amal fellowships is about to end. Everyone will be busy in their jobs, studies and internships after the end of the fellowship. We as Amal family decided to arrange an outdoor session where we can all spend some quality time and can have fun. This was going to be a memorable tour for all of the fellows because it was for the first time we were going for fun and not project.

We had so many texts, calls and much of the communication over whatsapp. I convinced everyone to go with us. Some of the fellows had other commitments so we decided to go with those who were willing to come.

We decided to go to FORTRESS Lahore. We gathered at Punjab University Lahore. We reached at out decided venue and waited for other members to gather. We had lots of laughter and conversations. When all the members came we started wandering in mall. We decided to watch a movie but the timing of the movie was too late so we decided to sit somewhere and have some chit chat. We visited hyper star and bought some things to eat. Then again we visited fortress square mall.

Everyone felt hungry and then we decided to have lunch. Everyone had his own opinion of the restaurants but finally we decided to go to Bundu khan. We had our lunch there and had lot of chit chat. We made pictures in quite funny poses there.

It was a day full of laughter. It will remain in the memory of all of us. This outdoor session is helpful in maintaining balance because out of our busy routines it is very difficult to take out time for others. So when someone can take out time and manage his or her work load along with this then I think he knows how to manage stress and balance.

I am always eager to adventure new things with different people. I will maintain the balance by studying and taking out times for other things simultaneously.

at bundu khan
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