“Are you living life right?” I ask myself on a daily, sometimes I waste time overthinking all the possibilities of what I could be doing in that exact moment. I’m sure 10 years from now you’ll regret not doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, stop waiting and start doing!! Whatever that may be, just do it. Don’t wait until the last minute because it might be too late. Personally I procrastinate all the time and I dislike it a lot, I wish I had the ability to go and just get stuff done. Anyways, eat that candy bar, try out for a sport, or ask that boy/girl out and don’t be afraid because you’ll never know the outcome if you didn’t do it. Try new things my dudes. I need to work on this myself but start living in the moment, we only get one chance until we’re old and wrinkly lol. I think it’s so important to put your own happiness first and enjoy having fun even if it’s good or bad.

This past June I went to Church camp in California and it blew my mind away, who knew I would be waking up @6:00 am for FIVE days I mean I could’ve waken up @7:00 but ya girl wanted to look Fab. The first night at camp I had no intention of how intense the music was going to be, I felt the bass beating in my heart like what the heck?? I seriously thought I was at a concert. I remember singing at the top of my lungs and dancing with my best friend right beside me. Two of the nights during that week we had “late night snacks” and I don’t remember what we ate but there were a huge group of girls singing songs in the MIDDLE of the cafeteria ranging from Moana to Fergie and we managed to create a mosh pit. I’m laughing while typing this but there were four girls that stood on tables dancing, of course I didn’t have the guts to do that but when I go back next year I’ll for sure do it, and out of no where there were security telling them to get off of the tables lol, I could tell from their facial expressions that they were having the time of their life’s.

The staircase

We stayed at a university for camp and whenever we had to attend certain activities we could’ve taken the elevator or stairs. My friends and I took the stairs, one night we decided to jump off from the stairs into a huge basket of pillows and blankets which was at the bottom of the staircase. The drop was probably around 8ft, my best friend, Elise, went first I remember seeing her dirty blonde hair fly up as she was falling down and once she came back up the stairs she insisted for me to go so I went and I was so excited I wanted to do it again, but before I could do it a second time my group leaders for church came through the door of the staircase and caught me red handed hanging over the edge. I mean I’m living life like Larry! Shoutout to you if you get that reference, luckily Elise pulled out my Polaroid and she snapped a picture of me crawling back over the rails haha. Although we got in trouble it was one of my best nights ever.

P.S. another group of girls did what we did and one of them chipped their tooth on the rails..

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