hello beautiful people! Over the past year I have experienced my absolute lowest and my absolute highest. I am usually optimistic about everything that occurs in my life, although I have been tormented by people who I thought were my friends. They made me feel horrible about myself and they made me think I wasn’t good enough. I remember crying in front of my bff asking her why don’t they like me? why are they talking about me? Of course they were all girls and I don’t know what some girls might be going through but don’t try to tear down someone else’s confidence to boost yours, I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it breaks my heart. Without that situation occurring I wouldn’t be able to share my message with you, those girls may have taken a piece of my happiness but they did not take my dignity nor my relationship with God away if anything my relationship with Him grew stronger, the only reason why people try to hurt you is because they are hurt. I want you to know that if you feel unworthy don’t because you are worthy. You are beaUtiful and amazing, you may not know it but you are! I know it’s hard but you have to learn to love your imperfections and weirdness, it took me a long time to fully feel confident within myself. I see girls in the restroom touching up their makeup and I’m like yes honey!! Being confident can help you overcome obstacles you never thought you would, don’t be afraid to embrace your curves or stretch marks. YOU have the power to create the life you want and self love is so important. I’m very thankful for going through the pain and happiness because I realized who I was this past summer and who I want to be. I am here to empower you beautiful girls and boys!

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