ALIS Ambassador Program Starts

To Our Fellow ALIS Family members!

Dec 5, 2017 · 3 min read

We are currently working to create social media platform to distinguish trustworthy people and information everyday and now we would like to proudly announce the starting of ALIS Ambassador Program to speed up our growth even more.

Welcome to ALIS family!

We believe that growth of our community relates closely to the growth of our product and the token value. Since our team is based in Japan, we have not been able to reach globally enough. On the other hand, we would like to increase the quality of information being delivered in Japan as well. In order to do so, we have decided to gather members who can contribute to further development of ALIS community.

What is ALIS Ambassador Program

It is a program for the ambassadors to deliver attractive information about ALIS actively to our fans and investors.

The chosen ambassadors will be official members which ALIS has approved, basically they will be a part of our team! The members will receive opportunities to communicate and even propose ideas with CEO and other ALIS founders.

How to Apply

We are looking for ALIS fans and investors who can support activities to develop ALIS media and increase token value. If you are interested in ALIS and feel this program is attractive, please apply from the form below:

※Currently the application for ambassador is closed.

  • Since ALIS Ambassadors will be part of ALIS team officially, we are asking to inform us your interest to ALIS, place of living, identification, and etc. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • To avoid inconvenience of management, the number of Ambassador is planned to be around 10–20.

Missions of ALIS Ambassadors

Move the trust in the world
  • Acquisition of new ALIS fans
  • Delivering information to fans and investors
  • Information can be spread by Twitter, blogs, videos, illustration, or etc. Anything that you are capable of!
  • Spreading reports about online/offline ALIS events
  • Giving feedbacks about your country’s market to the ALIS founders
  • Correcting miscommunications
  • Any other things necessary for growth of ALIS!

Advantages of ALIS Ambassadors

Image of Ambassador limited card (sent to all Ambassador)
  • All ALIS event entry fees will be FREE!
  • We will provide a communication tool with ALIS employees (including the startup members)
  • You can visit our office at any time! You will also receive free coffee!
  • Ambassadors’ Feedbacks to ALIS product are always considered at top priority
  • You can always ask for ALIS stickers to handout
  • Special T shirts for ALIS Ambassadors will be in your mailbox
  • You will receive an awesome Ambassador card with serial number. ALIS team members will also introduce Tokyo whenever you show up with the card! (Ramen! Sushi!)
  • You can work your best to raise the value of ALIS token, if you hold ALIS token.

※Currently the application for ambassador is closed.

We will keep announcing information with transparency and support our community with honesty. We are waiting for your entry.

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