ALIS Crowdsale will start on Sep 1st !

We are so glad to tell about this. We decided the start day of our crowdsale. It’s on September 1st, 02:00 (UTC). We will announce about the details of token sale on medium and slack( very soon, let’s follow and join us!

We are also working hard about releasing English whitepaper and developing ICO contract and Marketing.

I think we can release English whitepaper on August 1st. If you can understand Japanese, you can check the β version of whitepaper here.
There are lots of crack on ICO systems, Sota Ishii is now developing Robust ICO system. He is also writing about why the crack of ICO has happened and how you can avoid it on Medium, so don’t miss it! It’s a very nice article and coming soon.
We are happy with increasing fans of ALIS on twitter. Our marketing has just begun a few week ago, but already have over 100followers. Takashi Mizusawa, our Marketing leader, founds that what makes differences about successfull ICO and not in point of community view, also is writing an excellent article on Medium. It’s really important to get twitter and slack community members. Don’t miss it too!

Talk soon,
ALIS team