ALIS design mock has been released!

Thanks for our continued support! We finally released our design mock! We want to show you the whole design and to tell you the concept of design. You can also feedback to our design mock with inVision, so please give us a lot of feedback!

The url of design mock

・ALIS_SP version

・ALIS_PC version

About the design mock

There are some features you cannot access on this design mock like “privacy polocy” opr “bookmark” or “How to use ALIS”. 
- We want to have feedbacks mainly about service’s core feature and design
- When we fix the core feature’s design, then we will release the rest of features.

We will modify the latest design with your feedback! However, we won’t pick up all feedback because there are something which is not compatible with our philosophy. What we want to realize is just to create the ALIS better one!

# How to give us your feedback and comments

ALIS’s site design is made with invision, the proto typing design tool. You can check the whole screen just like watching the website, but also can give us your feedback with the comment feature.
We want to have feedback about our design, but also the feedback about feature you want to use is also welcome! It is also amazing if you give us the good points of the design.
I explain how to give us your comments on invision, so please check it and feel free to leave the comments you feel!
* Comment feature is only available on PC.

Click the links below and open the web page.



The first screen you’ll see is the mode to use the mock like real website.
If you click the comments button on the bottom right of the screen, then you can change the mode to comment mode.
If you can change the mode successfully, the pink frame will appear.
Click the place where you want leave the comments, and then write your comments and press POST button
When your comment is successfully left, there will be a pink number with circle. We will check the comment and think to improve it.

wWe’ll explain the ALIS’s design conecpt on Meet up and will release it on Meduim as well, so stay tuned for our new article about design! Thanks for your support again and have a great cryptocurrency life!