ALIS hold a Meet up event in Tokyo

We hold meet up event on 29 September after ICO ends. More than 100 people, who are investors and fans, joined it. We reported our recent activity and our roadmap in the future. After that we had a time to communicate with each other including ALIS members, and also we got interview by NHK( one of the most famous television in Japan).

Opening / CEO Speech

At the beginning of the evernt, Masahiro Yasu, CEO of ALIS, told the report of ICO and expressed gratitude to our investors.

Summary of presentation
  • 13,182ETH raised (about $4million)
  • 4375 participants
  • Compare to other ICOs, large number of people joined our ICO. This means not just few investors bought up most part of ALIS tokens, but much investors bought small portion of ALIS tokens per person. We really appreciate it.
  • About 100 countries participated. 
    - Japan: 65%
    - Overseas: 35%
  • The vision of ALIS is “A world where people can safely and easily access trustworthy people”
  • Our mission to realize our vision is
    - “To create a trustworthy media and platform using tokens based on blockchain technology, that enable users to access reliable articles and their authors”
    - “To Improve the logic continuouslly which reveals trustworthy articles and poeple”
    - “To realize the new business model using blockchain and token economy”
  • He also mentioned “We want to change the situation about start ups and blockchain technology in Japan.”
  • He introduced a new designer as a surprise. The designer said “I will utilize his allexperience and knowledge I have learnt to ALIS” with his strong confidence.

Presentation from founder and Co-founders

Yasu, CEO of ALIS, talked why he established ALIS and what he want to realize in ALIS.

Summary of the Presentation
  • He wants to change this world’s rule which is “The person’s life is mostly determined when he is born.”
  • He said “My life is really lucky one. I was born in poor family and poor area in Japan, but could met very good people and information. If I couldn’t meet those people and information, my life would be changed radically. I want to change this network and information disparity.”
  • What I want to realize in ALIS finally is “Distinguish trustworthy person and become the platform of trust”
  • He said he want to try to make the service truly with their community members together with token economy.
  • He promised that ALIS dev team will completely focus on launching ang growing up their product with the best team and fund.
Key slide: To realize the platform which distinguish trustworthy articles and people

Next, Takashi Mizusawa, CMO of ALIS, talked about the marketing plan in the future.

Summary of presentation
  • Start ups do need a marketer. Marketing doesn’t mean to use Ads with huge money, should mean it makes you don’t need to sale or advertise your product.
  • People tend not to accept the company’s marketing. They hate the web ads which is made by some company. The information is spreading not from company, but from people on social today. The purpose of marketing will change to that people approve your service.
  • Marketing Policy in ALIS is “Transfer of Trust Marketing(ToT)”. The trust will move from A to B with network. He aimed to move some people’s trust about ALIS to another people who is in same community cluster. For example, “You want to go to the restaurant which is recommended by your friend who knows only excellent restaurant”, “The person who is introduced by high level business person also looks high performance”
  • The blogger who are interested in ALIS introduced ALIS to their community, and changed the people who though ALIS is scam to people who believe in ALIS.
  • He set up the “number of slack members” as a KPI which is mostly related to the raised amount of fund in ICO.
  • As a result, the number of community members are grown up rapidly. The number of Slack community member is 2700, the number of Twitter is 4300.
  • listed ALIS token on their exchange. Yasu is talking with several exchanges continuously.
  • He introduced the roadmap of ALIS. They will release MVP which will test the service design on December, and will relase β version on April, 2018.
Key Slide: The marketing policy about ALIS in the future

At Last, Sota Ishii, CTO of ALIS, talked about technology.

Summary of presentation
  • He has worked over 15years as an engineer, he is attracted to blockchain technology. He has already experienced MT.GOX and The DAO.
  • He said he is an high skill engineer, so please see his Github
  • The quality of smartcontract is very important because there is a possibility to lose over $1million because of the bugs.
  • He thinks it takes much time to develop a platform like Ethereum, but it doesn’t take time to develop an application on Ethereum. ALIS should choose the latter one so as to develop our application quickly.
  • How ALIS will be designed with technology? Please see the key slide below.
  • Last about ICO. ICO smart contract is a killer application of Ethereum which enable people to gain lots of money simply and reasonably and securely without an administrator. This is the huge merit of using blockchain technology.
  • Now people are thinking ALIS is the first decent ICO project, but we have to change this to that ALIS is the first decent blockchain project in Japan. If people say ALIS = ICO in one or two years later, it means our service’s fail.
Key slide: the technology which will be used to build ALIS (Just an idea)

After this presentation, we started to talk with the attendees. There are various people like investors, lawyers, mass media, entrepreneurs, famous bloggers and they enjoyed their time there.

Thanks for joining our meet up in Tokyo. Please wait for the next meet up. We will plan to hold a meet up in various places so as to build ALIS community all over the world!