Closed Beta Public Launch Event and Future Strategy Presentation

See the video of the main presentation here

On Monday, April 23, 2018, we held a closed beta version public launch event. With about 400 community members and media participating, the venue was lively and full of enthusiasm. We announced our future strategies and plans and answered many questions about the ALIS token and its practical usage.


Roadmap for Implementation of the ALIS Vision

At the event, CEO Masahiro Yasu discussed the basic roadmap for the implementation and realization of the ALIS vision.

  • Thank you all for gathering here today. I would like to talk about the future of ALIS, and how we will realize our vision.
  • The vision of ALIS is to “make human connection more efficient through the visualization of trust“.
  • I believe that social capital is the capital of the future, and that this is where attention in the world will focus. People are told that they have three types of capital: money, self, and social relations capital, but until now money has been the clear focus as far as a standard goes. However, distortion occurs in many places under this standard.
  • We are committed to creating a way to visualize human trust, and we want to accelerate this paradigm shift by making a more connected world even for those generations yet to come. In addition, we have made great progress in realizing our vision. That is to endeavor to realize “co-creation of a service with the community using a token economy” which is a “new business development method”. Specifically, there are two points. The first point is that the value of the ecosystem and the reward are connected, and the reward is paid to the individual who provides value. The second point is to establish a mechanism by which the economy of the ecosystem autonomously flows.
  • I am convinced that this endeavor will greatly change how business development has been done up until now. According to the rules of the traditional corporations, it is difficult for all stakeholders to be unified in purpose and in goal, pursuing the same values, because the goal and focus of the company is placed almost solely upon the interests of the shareholders. However, in a successfully established token economy, I think that it is possible to shift the focus and value to a community-centric model. We believe that the value we could not pursue in the past world can be pursued in the new paradigm of the token economy. In fact, I feel the excitement surrounding the virtual currency community at present, including the ALIS community, is evidence of this.
Road map to realization
  • Let me explain what kind of roadmap this vision and challenge will utilize. The biggest, current STEP, we have here on this slide, but there is much room within STEP 2 and onward, with much yet undecided, and ample space for opportunity, development, and improvement. So today, I will break down STEP 1 for you in detail, discussing the product release, and the closed Beta test of our platform.
The moment of the closed beta release
  • The closed beta version was released just today! As you can see, many articles have already been posted. We also co-created content with the community. I hope you’ll take the time to check this out later at your leisure. I will now return to my presentation.
  • Naturally, in order to visualize the reliability of a person, it is necessary that there is some sort of output from the individual, feedback on said output, and an evaluation of the reliability of that series of processes. In other words, it is important to make it easier for writers to write, to arrange articles based in a convenient and useful way for readers, and to appropriately evaluate their reliability. To that end, we have three themes:

【1】Enhancement of the basic functions of social media
【2】Development of functions relating to reliability
【3】 Increase of token value to support users.

  • These themes will be explained, step by step. Please be aware that these are just a small part of the functions that are planned to be developed.
Embrace and enhance user comfort on social media
  • First of all, this is about the platform’s basic function as social media. This is just a small part of the planned functional development, but we later plan to implement ‘author request tokens’, ‘private article tokens,’ etc. We would like to add more functions so that the writer is incentivized to write high quality articles on the ALIS platform.
ALIS rank system
  • Next, regarding reliability. In introducing the ALIS rank system, we are considering constructing a mechanism by which the amount of compensation earned depends on the reliability of the content. Moreover, this rank system will be reset periodically, and is structured to restart from zero. We aim to keep the economic zone autonomously and healthily developed via this incentive, and to judge reliable articles through this approach.
Token Power Consignment System
  • Please let me introduce the token commissioning system in such a way as to link it conceptually with the aforementioned rank system. This is a mechanism that entrusts another person with the trust points created by the ALIS tokens they own. These trust points can be delegated to another user who the token holder/trust point holder deems more knowledgeable/reliable regarding any given topic/article. In other words, this means that a token holder will be able to defer trust evaluation on any particular topic, to another party deemed to be more capable of evaluation in that particular field/area/theme. By doing this, we aim to visually highlight and represent people who can find reliable articles quickly and efficiently.
On the value increase of the ALIS token
  • Finally, regarding token value. We will offer the debit function not only within ALIS but also outside ALIS. Of course, API is available and anyone can use it. Since this API can be introduced not only for WEB media but also for brick and mortar establishment transactions, we think that it is possible to provide opportunities for a wide range of people to connect with the world of virtual currency, token economies, and value principle.
  • Again, I would like to emphasize that our vision to be realized is “to co-create” with everyone in the community, “to make people’s connections smooth and efficient by visualizing trust”. I believe that such a flow of trust has been difficult to achieve until now, and can be finally realized in the context of a token economy. Let’s co-create a new era that has not yet been seen. Thank you for your attention.

Co-creation Process with Community

CMO Takashi Mizusawa introduced the “ALIS process for co-creating value with the community”.

  • Thank you for coming today. I am very happy that we could get together and meet one another.
History of ALIS from ICO to the present
  • First of all, I will discuss the ALIS activity up to now, along with the number of followers on Twitter. After raising about 430 million yen through the ICO in September, we have been working on the development of the closed beta version to date. A few years from now, I’m expecting to hear from people asking me “What is ALIS?” First, “ALIS visualizes reliable articles and people”, and second, it boldly demonstrates a new value creation process in the era of the token economy. Already I am proud of this because ALIS is carrying out activities that cannot be done by conventional companies and their communitie. Please let me explain with a concrete example today.
  • Before getting into the main subject, what is the current world? You have to talk about that. In today’s world, decentralization of trust is happening at a rapid rate, and the old model and way of doing business is becoming irrelevant and obsolete. It can be a challenge for a company in the beginning to bring something of value in this state. So, how is value created in this future era?
The new era of value from experiences and processes
  • One answer is a satisfying solution obtained from processes and experiences. Since conviction is related to discovery, it is important whether it is possible to create the “Aha!” feeling of “that’s it!” Let’s talk about objective value and subjective value here. In the case of any given service, please think of objective value as specs/function, and subjective value is the process of experience and encounter. Subjective value exists in the user, it can not be made from specifications and functions.
  • In an era when common values are difficult to establish, I have found that the fundamentals of value may be in the process or experiences of discovery which lead to conviction, trust, and confidence. That is why ALIS is very conscious of the co-creation of value in regard to process and community. Creating value co-creation means that companies and customers create (1) medium-to-long term relationships and (2) create new value beyond expectations based on the premise of deep understanding.
Devices for building medium-to-long term relationships and deep understanding
  • We have been engaging in activities that would be almost unthinkable within conventional business models. We do this to earn trust, all the time. One of them is the full disclosure of member tasks on Trello. A transparent view of what ALIS is doing is available. From large, major business level initiatives to very small and detailed items such as personal schedules and the renewing passports, we are aiming to make everything painfully open to the community. Also we are reporting our activities daily on Twitter. These are some of the things we are doing to earn the trust of the community.
  • Before an important release we are always trying to get feedback in advance. We quickly ask the community about our projected moves and initiatives. I think that ideas are naturally culled and the idea which survives is the “best way to make things that you can use” and best way to move forward. As mentioned previously, creation is a community effort. Users and team members both must shape and create the vision in order for it to be successfully realized.
Mutually create new value beyond expectation
  • The ICO has already had many positive effects that we cold not have imagined at the outset. Today I will talk about some of them. The informal Discord community is an example of this. Community members who participated in the Demon Nagoya Meetup are part of this community. Here, as is the fashion every day, ideas are constantly flowing, enlivening ALIS in uncountable ways. Many projects and characters have been created recently within the ALIS community, which we can’t talk about at length here. I think that such activity is very happy and fun, and it is best when done spontaneously, as the community does (Alice Man American Commercial Grand Prix, T-shirt contest, cartoon series planning, cross-community, etc.)
  • One more — and this is a truly amazing activity. Ambassadors have been central planners and organizers of overseas Meetups. Although the core ALIS team was largely functioning only in the role of observer/facilitator in this regard, there were more than 200 applications in total from the Netherlands, London, and San Francisco. “A message came from an Ambassador and about 50 people want to hear about the story of ALIS, so please come to my country” was one message received.
  • Finally, I will end by telling you what the ALIS team is working on now. “The process that I experience with ALIS is as important as ALIS itself.” All of the team is thoroughly engaged in this mindset, attitude, and approach. Because we recognize the importance of process and experience, we receive courage and receive feedback as soon as possible, even in the incomplete state of an initiative. We are constantly creating new value from zero, making it possible for us to create a system that allows anyone who participates in the ALIS community to enjoy it at any time. We look forward to your continual support!

ALIS Closed Beta Version Launch Event Highlights

At the closed beta version public release event, key players in the virtual currency / block chain industry told their unique stories and shared real life discoveries and accomplishments.

Panel Discussion
President and CEO of Cyber ​​Agent Bitcoin
Ken Kawai, Lawyer with Anderson · Mori · Tomonogani Law Firm
In the end there was also a surprise present of a bouquet of flowers from the community!

Community Meetup

For the second half of the event, we did a Meetup with the community. On that day, there was so much excitement in the room from the community that I could not hear the voice of the moderator!

Thank you very much for everyone who came to the ALIS closed beta version public release celebration event. We wish to continue dialogue with as many community members as possible while doing Meetups in various places from now on. Thanks so much, and we look forward to your continual support!

A Rewards System to Distinguish Trustworthy Articles. ALIS is Japan’s First Social Media Platform Using Blockchain Technology.