Explanation of ALIS’s reception in Japan

Sep 6, 2017 · 3 min read

In this article we will tell you about how big the potential is for the cryptocurrency market in Japan and how much attention ALIS has garnered within Japan. Three main points will be covered. If you would first like a quick introduction to ALIS, please read this article. (It takes only about 3 minutes to read)

  1. Potential of the Japanese cryptocurrency market

Japan is well known to be accountable for a large portion of trading volume for Bitcoin. Japan is also recognized as one of the frontrunners in Bitcoin adoption bitcoin can even today be used at popular electronics franchises and restaurant chains, and this country is poised to become one of the advanced leaders in the Bitcoin world.

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BTC volume on September 4th, 2017 from cryptocompare

2. Many Japanese agree with the concept of “Creating a trustworthy media platform that enables users to access reliable articles and their authors.”

The total unreliability of articles and information on the Internet has become a national concern, and the need for a solution has never been stronger. There are scams exploiting those less informed and vulnerable, countless fraudulent articles, lies written by anonymous authors, and not to mention stealth and other sneaky marketing techniques. Of particular concern is in nascent areas — areas that are poised to drive growth and prosperity in Japan. We feel these need a solution most urgently.

We will share what some Twitter users are saying about ALIS. If you want to know more, please check the link below.
You will see how ALIS is the long-awaited media platform that Japanese users need.
We have selected some tweets and translated them into English below.

“ALIS has a unique system where they distribute ALIS tokens to those who write good articles and to the people that find them first. ALIS can give rewards not only to the articles which earn PV but also to those which receive ‘likes’.”

“I made a diagram which explains the business model of ALIS.”

“I interviewed the ALIS founders. I also recorded a video with them.” * Mr. Poin is very famous cryptocurrency blogger in Japan.

“ALIS has a unique system where they distribute ALIS tokens to those who write good articles and to the people that find them first. ALIS can give rewards not only to the articles which earn PV but also to those which receive ‘likes’.”

“I think the next generation of SNS will be created through trust and the use of Blockchain technology. ALIS is the one to do this and I’m glad to have this type of project from Japan.“

“Unlike questionable ICOs from overseas, I heard that ALIS is spreading trustworthy information about their project.”

“ I felt that six months is a long time to release a product, but ALIS planned a realistic schedule. Six months later, many other ICO roadmaps are criticized as being dishonest. Of these ICO releases, it seems that ALIS’s release is going more smoothly.”

“ALIS is exactly the type of project that I am looking for. You don’t have to worry about SEO. The users also don’t have to see meaningless ads. It is really useful for both writers and readers. Great service.”

3. We received a lot of attention as the first large-scale ICO from Japan

ALIS is Japan’s first large ICO. Lots of media, including Nikkei Newspaper, the most famous business newspaper in Japan, featured an article about ALIS.

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Nikkei: https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXLASDZ01H7H_01092017000000/
BITA DigimaLab:
The bridge:

Many well-known entrepreneurs and VCs have contacted us. ALIS has had quite a large reception in Japan.

If you want to know more about ALIS, this article may be of interest:

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