【Member Profile 2】 Legal Department Tatsuhiko Kamei

Hello, I am Kamei. I’m engaged in corporate division in ALIS. Woo-hoo!

In ALIS I’m in charge of general corporate functions such as legal affairs, accounting, finance, tax affairs and labor affairs. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, triathlon, Momoiro Clover Z (Japanese Idle).

In 2008 Graduated from Tokyo University. Joined a leading printing company in Japan, assigned to the Legal Department
In 2013 Transferred to Nagoya. In addition to legal affairs, I was responsible for compliance and information security.
In 2015, Joined to Recruit Career co., Ltd., a leading Japanese HR company.

I’m good at legal support in fields that are difficult to apply to traditional legal interpretations such as new businesses and new services. In this field, there are many innovations by legal interpretation, providing legal services with an offensive legal attitude.

As the view of my work, I want to support those who I admire by them. Actually, I chose legal affairs as my job because I like literature and movies originally and I want to do something to support such creators with my expertise. And I got interested in the copyright and proceed with the path of legal career. Even now the idea remains unchanged. I think the actions of those who are trying to bring out something new or value are precious, but their realization is accompanied by legal obstacles which can hamper growth. So, I’d like to support that realization by removing obstacles.

In Recruit Career, the founder of ALIS, Yasu and Mizusawa were my colleagues. Usually, I was in a position to get consultation with them on work. One day I was casually asked to consult from them, and we talked as usual. As I was listening, I felt something was wrong, because the topic was nothing to do with the company business such as virtual currency or ICO. I remember that while listening to them, I was wondering how the topic had a relation with the company business. It was later that I learned that the consultation was not for company business but for the business they were about to do. So actually, I came to participate in ALIS naturally and due to extension of core business.

However, since I participated, I feel that ALIS members strongly want to make people accessible to reliable information, and that are not blurring, and that is why I want in ALIS now. I think that the world such as ALIS shows where people can get the reliable information easily is wonderful and it is often said how the circulation of information has changed history. Members are doing ALIS activity to realize it. I think it is difficult to actually realize it. There are truly various kinds of information in the world, and I am still not sure whether ALIS can present its value. But, along with ALIS members, I feel that this member really could realize such a world would be, and for that this team is marvelous.
In fact, at first, it struck ridiculous and unreal for me to collect 300 million yen at ICO. I could not believe at all that a few ordinary office workers gathered 300 million yen in the absence of any product. Also, even though some other ICOs get enormous amount of money, it seemed like a lottery and happens in different world from ours. However, Yasu and Mizusawa took it for granted, and made it calmly and naturally, and we spread our ideas to fans. As the days passed, the number of fans who resonate with that idea also increased rapidly, and as a result I really raised the target amount. At that time, I felt that my common sense was wrong and in the virtual currency world, this member could realize what I thought was impossible.
Existing media sometimes says, in Japan, economics are stagnant for these 20 years which period is often said as “lost 20 years”. I think that is wrong, and it’s only that there are some people who are caught by old thoughts and feel of stoppage because their thoughts doesn’t match for nowadays. However, in reality, new ideas and values are breaking out, like virtual currency, block chain, an ICO, and those make innovation. So, I think that we are in the midst of making that future we go.
What we ALIS want to realize is a world where each person can access various valuable information including such new ideas and values. There are plenty of uncertain information in new ideas and things and it is hard to understand what to trust. We would like to provide appropriate information in that point. Especially about the virtual currency, it is quite difficult to access the correct information because there is little recognition in general, so we would like to continue to provide valuable information. I hope that we make such a future and I feel ALIS is a place where we can make it.

I provide value concerning to legal, accounting, finance tax, labor and other affairs in general corporate functions. I have consistently engaged in legal work related to new business in my career. In the new business, it is essential to accurately measure and deal with risks while in that area, the framework of laws and institution not established yet. Also, sometimes it is necessary to take risks to dare to go. Making use of this knowledge, in ALIS I reduces the risk of obstacles and will not stop the growth speed of ALIS. In particular, because the idea of virtual currency and block chain are new concepts, there are still many uncertainties from the viewpoints of legal, tax and financial aspects, and there are some risks that seriously influence business promotion. Actually, in ALIS, legal, financial and tax issues are occurring every day. While talking with specialists in their respective fields, I always remember to take an aggressive attitude and to eliminate risks that would hinder business promotion as a whole.
Especially, in this field, standard aspects or institution are not fixed in Japan, and we have pride that we are making the way. In order to develop the virtual currency industry in Japan, we would like to lead to prevent the virtual currency industry from going wrong.

Thank you for ALIS family! I love you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tatsuhiko.kamei.9

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chamoisth

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