Part1. What is ALIS?

ALIS is Japan’s first social media platform using blockchain technology. ALIS enables people to avoid unwanted web ads and stealth marketing, and reach trustworthy articles/people quickly. Let us briefly introduce some of the problems that our users deal with.

Suppose you are interested in crypto currency and begin looking up information about investments. You start searching and find that there are hundreds of crypto currencies and some of them seem quite interesting. You learn that the crypto currency market is growing rapidly and decide to invest into some altcoins. “Hmm, which altocoin should I buy?” you wonder. You start finding more reliable resources, maybe via Twitter, Reddit, Medium or reading some articles about media. However, you are not sure which information to trust. There are even scam articles about ICO, and you are concerned about being deceived. After all, you do not know which information sources or people to trust… It’s almost impossible to choose which crypto currency to invest in. This is where ALIS can be of assistance.

Since non-centralized social media is not so common, we would like you to think of ALIS as a service similar to STEEM ( Basically, ALIS is: ALIS = STEEM + NEM. The goal of this article is to explain why we describe our service as “ALIS = STEEM + NEM”. If this is a service that you think would be of use to your or anyone you know, please feel free to share this concept on SNS or other websites.

Our service is made in reference to STEEM. STEEM is a great service and it showed the next generation of media because it proved that by creating a non-centralized social media platform, media could be freed from the advertising monetized model. On the other hand, we think that its complex system will be a burden for future growth. Because STEEM holds multiple crypto currencies, STEEM, STEEM SP, STEEM DOLLAR, it is making the platform too complicated, which hinders new users’ engagement, the most important key to success for social media. We believe that the users and people wanting to use STEEM would feel that it is too difficult to use.

Therefore we thought about creating a non-centralized social media platform limited to one currency, but of course there is a reason for STEEM having multiple currencies. Like STEEM, SP is taking on an important role for earning repeating users, so the issue is not so simple. We then focused on a concept called harvest in Nem. Nem’s consensus building algorithm is well known as the “Proof of Importance”, and we focused on one of its logic, the amount of time after Nem was deposit the wallet. By mixing this logic, we believe that ALIS can earn repeat users even with only one currency.

Another point that differentiates ALIS from STEEM is our vision to “visualize trust in people”. For the details, please check out our whitepaper, but we are aiming to be a trustworthy platform for people working in BtoC/CtoC market in the near future by gaining users’ trusts through writing and evaluating trustworthy articles. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on what differentiates ALIS from STEEM.

ALIS will be an innovative and unique platform by using excellent logic systems such as NEM and PoI by simply gaining people’s trust.

We would also like to take a moment to explain one more unique point about ALIS. This service is going to offered in Japan. Japan is still has the 3rd highest GDP, and in February 2nd, 2017, it became the country with the largest transaction volume of Bitcoin in the world, even beyond China. ( Japan has a potential market, but there are only few players using blockchain technology. Due to a revision in fund settlement law, it is difficult for outside players to enter the Japanese market. Due to such an environment, we can build a competitive advantage for going global, realizing our vision.

Did you enjoy our introduction of ALIS? To learn more, please check out our website or whitepaper. If your questions aren’t answered please join our Slack. We will answer as many questions as possible. We plan to upload articles from our whitepaper continuously, so follow us on Medium and Twitter to stay updated. Thank you for taking the time to learn about ALIS and we hope that you look forward to hearing more from us!

ALIS team

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