Successfully launched our roadmap

Today is the great day for our story. We successfully released our roadmap( You can know about where we are going by checking it. There are cards for the next release, next 6month, next year, and next 3years. If you want to know more detail works, please check this trello(
We also had a meeting with chinese member in Beijing. We understood that marketing chinese is much more difficult than we expected. They can’t use common SNS or media because of the chinese great wall, so mostly use weibo and wechat. They also doesn’t believe mass media’s information and believe what trustworthy people says. However there are lots of hints we can approach many chinese people who are interested in cryptocurrency, so we are making plan how to do marketing in China. We have a chinese member who lives in Japan, so he’ll complete this marketing plan. We will publish this plan when it is completed, so stay tuned!

By the way, Sota Ishii who is co-founder of ALIS is addicted to drone, he bought three drones already and brought one of them. We tried to take a picture with that drone so that we congratulate our roadmap release, there was some trouble.

A picture took by drone. Nobody predicted what happend next moment…

His drone was crashed on the top of building’s roof because everybody crazyed about the iphone screen which projects drone’s camera and didn’t watch the drone. So We tried to extricated the drone, finally we did it with using very long stick. Anyway, we can success anything difficult :)

This is a picture Masahiro yasu was trying to extricate the drone

We will post next article when the whitepaper is released(may be it’s in japanese, will be translated in English). It will be released next Sunday.

Talk soon
ALIS team

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