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Aug 18, 2017 · 7 min read


Thanks for many feedback about ALIS. There are some voices that it is a little bit difficult to read all the whitepaper. Therefore we make this article as a summary of whitepaper. You can read this article in only 3 minutes. We hope you are interested in ALIS by reading this article.

# Contents

- What is our vision and mission? Why we start ALIS project?
- How does ALIS solve this problem?
- Why it makes sense to do this in Japan?
- Mid-term business plan

## What is our vision and mission? Why we start ALIS project?

Our Vision
A world where people can safely and easily access trustworthy information and people

Our Mission
To create a trustworthy media and platform using tokens based on blockchain technology, that enable users to access reliable articles and their authors.

# Project Background
There is not a single day in the typical modern person’s life where she doesn’t rely on information obtained on the internet. But contrary to our reliance and addiction to such information, the quality and reliability of web media is being questioned on a global scale, and Japan is no exception — or rather, the situation in Japan is exceptionally poor. For example, when you search for articles regarding cryptocurrencies and ICO/ITOs — areas where already significant amounts of money are transacted — you would be exposed to a myriad of Japanese scam articles and hoaxes, not to mention unreliable information or blatant lies. Our management nearly got lured to a scam project as a result. Such situations exist not only in nascent industries but in any area you can think of, where people are exposed to unreliable curation media recommendations on top of search results. We know that many people have gone through uncomfortable experiences where innocent clicks have taken them to stealth marketing or poor quality articles.
We believe that the advertising driven nature of traditional media is at the root of this undesirable situation, and decided to create a totally new type of media in Japan that does not rely on advertising income. We want to make a platform which enables people to safely and easily find trustworthy articles and reliable people . We will first focus our efforts on identifying quality Japanese-language information regarding blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO/ITO and related fields. The lack of such information is the reason we started this project in the first place, and our attempt to contribute to the safe and healthy growth of the broader industry will only benefit our own business and users.

# How does ALIS solve this problem?

ALIS will be Japan’s first social media utilizing blockchain technology. The service will enable people, through an endorsement mechanism and algorithm using ALIS tokens, to easily find trustworthy articles and their authors. There are three core features and mechanisms to realize this, and to make it successful.

  1. Innovative discovery of reliable articles
    We will rely on a combination of crowdsourced human evaluation and a unique algorithm to surface and identify quality Japanese-language articles found on the internet. Initial ALIS Token holders will use their Tokens to “Like/endorse/vote” what they regard as quality articles, and will in return be rewarded varying amounts of Tokens depending on each user’s contribution in identifying such quality information
    . The authors of such quality articles will also be rewarded with ALIS tokens. The logic of such an evaluation and reward system will be designed in a way so that quality information will be surfaced not based purely on the sheer number of votes that any article may get. For example, greater significance will be awarded to those who actually post high quality articles, and those who find and vote for such articles early. In addition, we are designing the logic so that the distribution of tokens will not be concentrated just to early users of the service, but will be appropriately awarded to newcomers as the platform gains a greeter user base. We will of course monitor and take necessary steps to prevent users from obtaining tokens fraudulently.
  2. Focus market growth and platform value appreciation
    If we deliver on our mission to create a quality media for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and many other topics, the value of the platform and ALIS tokens will appreciate in proportion to the growth of and need for such related information by an ever increasing portion of the Japanese internet population. We will have various options to expand our scope of services, including language/audience, focus area, premium services, or other related services and businesses including exchanges, consulting and other services.
  3. High Reliability at a Lower Cost with blockchain technology
    We will be applying blockchain technology as the foundation of for our core system and service. Needless to say, blockchain technology enables us to create our ALIS social media and endorsement mechanism through the use of Tokens, at much lower costs than ever before. This is the fundamental enabling technology of our service, and as a result, we are able to allocate our resources into growing the platform and user base, and maximize the rewards we can give back to our users. We will first focus on the low-cost construction of the platform construction with funds raised by the ICO, and then apply the team’s expertise marketing and in building communities to create a truly innovative media platform.

# Why it makes sense to do this in Japan

There are three main reasons why our plan makes particular sense in japan.

  1. Totally Unreliable Media and Information
    The total unreliability of articles and information on the internet has become a national concern, and the need for a solution has never been stronger. There exist scams exploiting those less informed and vulnerable, countless fraudulent articles, and lies written by anonymous authors not to mention stealth and other sneaky marketing techniques. Of particular concern is in nascent areas — areas that are posed to drive growth and prosperity for Japan — which we feel need our solution most urgently.
  2. Opportunity of Blockchain Technology and related areas in Japan
    More than $1700 million we raised through ICOs all over the world(refer to : we estimate that Japanese may have invested as much as 15% of the total amount (we assumed this number by searching transaction data of ICO sites). Japan, its government, bureaucrats, investors and technologists realize that blockchain is a disrupting technology, but not enough is happening in terms of entrepreneurship and new projects. Japan has already started to lagging behind the world in the blockchain industry., and we believe that we can become one of the influential thought leaders in the space by starting now — it is the perfect opportunity and time. Our commitment to make Japan a recognized blockchain force is strong. We are building our platform based on blockchain technology, raising funds using and ICO/ITO, and are focusing on serving the problems surrounding media and information on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICO/ITO market.
  3. Japan’s huge potential as cryptocurrency market
    Japan is well known to be accountable for a large portion of trading volume for Bitcoin. Japan is also recognized as one of the frontrunners in Bitcoin adoption bitcoin can even today be used at popular electronics franchises and restaurant chains, and this country is poised to become one of the advanced leaders in the Bitcoin world. In fact, more than half of ALIS’s website visitors are overseas users who are attracted to Japan and its potential. Even with very little marketing, we are surprised to find people from around the globe talking about ALIS on reddit and posting videos on youtube. We believe the potential for Japan in this space is huge.

# Mid-term business plan

Our middle term milestones are supposed as follows.

1. Launch ALIS ICO on September, 1st 02:00 (UTC)
2. Close our ICO on September, 29th 01:59 (UTC) and start to hire our project members and execute on our development plans
3. Launch ALIS βversion on April, 2018
4. Release official ALIS service on October, 2018. We will develop our platform as Japan’s first trustworthy media in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

We will be sharing the entire ICO process and the system development process on github, in the hope that we such information will contribute to the understanding of such processes. We wish the sharing of such knowhow will help increase the number of entrants in the blockchain industry in Japan. We have released all the activities so far on Trello, so you can track everything in the past and future. We hope that our own success will give blockchain technology and ICOs more attention, and will in turn make more people enter this exciting market.

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