Update on ALIS for Investors


Thank you for all of your continuing support of ALIS. We now have 2500 participants on Slack and 4,000 followers on Twitter. Furthermore we have raised 11,666ETH, which is the minimum cap to start preparing for the prototype release. Please feel free to check out the details on Trello(Japanese only). The ICO will continue until September 29th, so please join our ICO via our website (https://alismedia.jp) before time runs out.

Today we would like to share three positive updates with our investors!

  1. We will burn the remaining ALIS tokens!

We have decided to burn (delete) all of the tokens that are unsold during the ICO! Instead of having the team own the unsold tokens, we have decided to burn them because it will substantially increase the value of all users’ tokens.
 We also will burn not only the unsold tokens but also the tokens possessed by the team in order to fit the ratio stated in our whitepaper because there may be a negative correlation if team retains a large number of tokens. The burning of the team’s tokens will further increase the value of your tokens. 
 * For example, if 125 million tokens remain unsold, burning a total of 250 million tokens logically doubles the value of your tokens!

2. We have released the prototype!
We have released the prototype of ALIS! It is the MVP for checking the design and comfort for use of the main screen. This prototype took one week to build and gives a peek at what the platform will look like.

English version below:




Please let us know what you think about ALIS’s prototype after checking out the MVP.
We will release additional MVPs and continue to modify the platform according to users’ feedback until the release of the final design in three months.

3. NHK interview and Crypto Currency news article about ALIS!
ALIS was interviewed by NHK, Japan’s public broadcasting station. Attention of the ICO in Japan has continued to increase, and it has been introduced in a favorable light as one of the earliest ICO venture companies in Japan. In addition, an introduction article about ALIS was posted on cryptocoinnews! The article touches on a few topics and explains the current situation of the Japanese crypto currency market, what ALIS wants to realize, and the concept of ALIS.

NHK interviewed ALIS

Our token sale will end on September 29. Please feel free to take part in our ICO via our website (https://alismedia.jp). You can check the rate of the token sale below.

We will continue developing our MVP as soon as possible in order to ensure the success our project. We would greatly appreciate your continued support!

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