We held a meet up in Tokyo!

We had a meet up in Tokyo on 23th, November. It was the first meet up and we will hold another meetups in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka. We wrote this article about the details of meet up for people who couldn’t participate in. Please enjoy it!

Picture with everyone joined our meet up!

Welcome Champagne!

Masahiro, the CEO of ALIS, regaled every participants with a champagne so as to appreciate our community’s continued support. This idea came from ワイン1年生@クリプト決済推進中, and he also sent us nice wines. Thanks!

Masahiro, the CEO of ALIS, regaled everyone with a champagne
Everyone enjoyed talking so we couldn’t begin the presentation… lol

『The future ALIS try to realize 』 by Masahiro Yasu, CEO

At first, Masahiro talked about the purpose of Meetup and the future ALIS want to realize.

Why we launched ICO, and what token economy substantially is


  • It is difficult to change the life against your initial condition when you were born in this capitalism. I don’t think it is absolutely bad, but there are a lot of rooms to improve this society.
  • In such a situation, this world is moving to the world where there are no mediators like Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin’s one of core values “People who contribute aggressively to rise Bitcoin’s value can get rewards” is very important and it can also apply to the token economy as well.
  • In company, the purpose of investors and employees and users don’t match. However, in token economy, the main purpose of those people easily match. It changes the way of business development in the future, and it enables people to purse the value(not money) which is important to the community. (In case ALIS, value is to find trustworthy people and articles)
How token economy changes the way of business development
  • ALIS want to serve the value that it enables people to find trustworthy people and articles
  • Why ALIS want to realize the value is that people have three capitals, financial capital, human capital, social capital. We believe social capital is the most important capital, but people haven’t treated it as most important capital
  • ALIS wants to realize the world where people can use the trust and social capital on ALIS to empower individuals.
  • However, it is difficult to build such world without using capitalism, so we have to try to link the token economy and capitalism so as to grow token economy much stronger one.
  • New three members have joined in ALIS team. We also have very strong back office, so please feel easy about our team building.
  • Because ALIS is a social media platform, users can affect a lot about ALIS platform. Let’s make this world better one with ALIS together!

『Transfer of Trust marketing, which ALIS believes』 Takashi, CMO

Next, Takashi, the CMO of ALIS, talked about the narrative growing of our service and ToT Marketing, which are important factors to succeed.

He talked about “Transfer of Trust Marketing” which ALIS teams think one of most important things


  • There are over 1000 cryptocurrencies, and how does ALIS be chosen to invest? That’s what CMO have to answer.
  • The marketing tactics of ALIS is Transfer of Trust Marketing(ToT Marketing). I created this word originally, so you may not hear about it. This is the way to realize the transferring of trust. In this information overloaded era, trust have a huge power and value. We aim to be trusted by confirmation in community.
  • What trust is? I think it is deciding something without reason. The tasty ramen shop in Shibuya which is not famous but referred by famous people who are familiar with ramen, is the example of trust.
  • Why people start to pay attention to community is that it affects a lots to business, product, token’s value. Needless to say, we have to launch product to rise token’s value essentially.
  • The community is very important to ALIS because ALIS is the social media platformALIS. That’s why we create good relationships with our users even though we haven’t released our product yet.
  • We will launch our closed β version in April. Why we will start from closed β, not open β is that there are several things we want to verify.
  • Ambassador can’t get a direct reward like money or tokens. We don’t give them an information it may cause insider trade. There are over 100 applications all over the world to Ambassador program, and we are now preparing to see all of them.
  • Last, he introduced an article “2017年は「ストーリー」型マーケティング終焉の年に” and he said that ALIS can be improved with everyone, not only with ALIS members. Let’s join ALIS community and enjoy it!

『Design mock up is live now!』 usagi & kubori, Designer

At the last presentation part, usagi and kubori, UXD team, announced the release of design mock surprisingly.

The url of design mock





  • We will release design mock on November… Now is the time to release it!
  • We didn’t create design just to consider UI, but also consider the whole story of user experience in the future as well
  • Persona is the people who tried to write articles but didn’t last because it is important for ALIS to increase who can write good articles. We also think famous crypto blogger is another Persona.
  • We created Customer Journey Map and made features so as to solve the user’s problems
  • We decided our Tone & Manner which seem cool to our persona
  • ALIS is like window, so the most important thing is the view(article) through the window. We created the whole design so as not to disturb to see articles
  • The information architecture of ALIS is created with referring another social medias, and created as simple as possible.
  • We explained both smartphone design and PC design. We also explained how you can give us feedback for design mock on Medium
  • We are very excited how much feedback we can get!

AMA for ALIS members

We hold AMA and had a lot of questinos from participants. There were lots of questions so we show only the picture.

Kamei and Togashi
CTO and Usagi

Talking with everyone

At the end of Meetup, we had communication with each other. There were various people like bloggers, cyrpto exchanges, investors, entrepreneurs, engineers, Medias.

People were talking frankly

Thanks for coming our Meet up in Tokyo. See you next meet up again! We believe that to build ALIS community all over the world enables us to grow up more rapidly. Thanks for your continued support!