Happy belated

Joe Amon, The Denver Post

What I’m reading

This week’s theme: exceptional access.

The photojournalism as much as the writing sticks with you in Angel’s Story, The Denver Post’s searing, three-day series on heroin’s deadly pull.

“She has been walking for miles, morning and evening. 13 hours this day at Santa Fe and Mississippi, flying her sign of hopeful lies. ‘Need help to get a bus ticket to Wisconsin.’”

The Boston Globe delves beyond the tragic headlines of a small boy’s beating to follow his ongoing struggles once the media frenzy faded, in The Life and Times of Strider Wolf.

“His traumas were as much a part of him as the trees he climbed or the magic brooms he fashioned from sticks.”

And in Harper’s, the extraordinary Lost Girls: Women, sex and the Arab Spring writes around multiple, massive stereotypes — prostitution, Islam, the Middle East — to empathetically craft a complicated, compelling story.

“I’d grown skilled at controlling what I saw as I walked: not the catcalling men, but the swallows circling the gates of the Old City as dusk fell, or the tiny seashells embedded in the pavement.”
Family and food at our house. So much to be thankful for.

What I’m eating

Twenty-sixth birthday week meant ordering that burger you can only get behind the bar at one of Milwaukee’s fancier restaurants; meant gluttonously going back for a different burger at another great place the next day; meant deploying a friend’s delicious gift of seven-year cheddar on grilled cheese and this garden tomato soup; meant getting treated to James Beard-nominated Ardent, and being surrounded by so much love.

Thanksgiving leftovers this week mean getting creative with variations of turkey/dried cranberry/walnut salad and making this egg lemon soup with turkey, from the Times.


What’s happening

I took this week’s thoughts on the media into their own post. Included are several sort of bold declarations that, by virtue of my personality, I feel uncomfortable making. But because that’s the purpose of this blog, I published it anyway. Please share any and all feedback.

On Paris, the media haters were right. So were its defenders.

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