Let the clock tick

There are 2 reasons to commemorate 9/11; political and psychological.

The politicians are no longer allowed to speak at the Commemorative event but simply having mourners re-read the roll call is another chance for the government to shout “Fuck You” to Islamic Extremists under whatever name they now go under. To shout loudly that they survived and rebuilt, grew stronger and continue to. This may well be reason enough to continue the events, for national pride alone, but this is a global issue, hence the name; One World Trade Center. Its the reason I’m allowed to voice an opinion, not because I’m English, regardless of the fact I didn’t actually lose anyone in the tragedy but because I’m human. Because I share this planet. Because I care. Because I share the strong belief that the power of silent victory, of karma, of self-belief is exponentially greater than any evil, a belief confirmed while sitting with the Dalai Lama in 2012.

Ending the Commemoration events will show a true recovery, and allow mourners, of all degrees of suffering, to fully heal. I count myself as one amongst that group, one of millions shocked and abhorred by the events that occurred thirteen years ago, and all tragedy since.

But grief must have an end point.

This year the Museum is open and the One World Trade Center will be filled with office workers by this time, 2015, a year from now, a year I believe the city should spend discussing the end of the commemorations. Each and every one of us has to deal with death. There is one thing much worse though. Far harder to accept than the loss of a loved one. It is the fact that the Earth continues to spin around its axis, continues to orbit the Sun. The fact that trade and love and life still continue - for everyone else. Coming to terms with this is a critical part of the recovery process. For thirteen years America has stopped the clock and publicly dragged out all horror and sorrow of September 11th.

Nancy Nee lost her firefighter brother in the tragedy but is being quoted all over the internet today, stating “Instead of a quiet place of reflection, [Ground Zero] is where kids are running around. Some people forget this is a cemetery. I would never go to the Holocaust museum and take a selfie.”

She and others must realise that until the publicity events stop it will never become a truly peaceful respectful place. Realise too that Ground Zero is one of millions of places around the globe where tragedy has occurred — untold numbers of times — throughout the ages. It is not a good way to live dwelling on death because its simply endless. What also does it say to the families of MH17, to the families of Sandy Hook, to the families of Japan, to those in Pakistan and Jammu, Kashmir still looking for their dead — today — that there is no such Commemoration for them. Who stops to remember my mother, who died suddenly August 23, 2009?

When the anniversaries stop it will be an absolute victory against terrorism. America will have proved their point. America will have rebuilt Ground Zero. America can then let those lost Rest In Peace and the Survivors and bereaved let their clock start ticking again.

With Respect.

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