One Moment

If you could pick one moment, what would it be?

Only one moment that you wish you could savor, reach out and touch it with your fingertips and relish in its delight?

Life is a string of beautiful moments that are meant to inspire us, to lead us, to challenge us, and to reveal the truth beyond the shadows.

I often find myself pondering the deeper questions and working towards an existence where I am open to receiving guidance that brings me closer to alignment with my higher self. I’ve started delving deeper into meditation — finding peace between the realms of the conscious and unconscious layers of my mind.

But if I could choose just one moment, I would choose the moment where I felt the most love. Not when I felt I received the most love, but the single moment when I felt love flowed freely from every inch of my being and encapsulated me in a warm, golden light. In that moment, I learned that I was capable of unconditional love.

This moment forever changed my view on how I live my life and how I choose to connect with others. My life intention, above all else, has become pure love. Love for every challenge, for every moment of despair, a love for every moment of triumph, of feeling proud, devastated, or crushed. Love has become no longer just a feeling, but a state of being.

I’m not quite sure how I got here, or why. But I know that this moment was meant for me. It’s a moment I needed — a moment that helped me feel deeply vulnerable — a moment that allowed me to be free.