If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

I fixed your “article” for you. It’s so much clearer now.

If You are Voting for Hillary Clinton, Here is What I know About You

  1. You are selfish. It’s easy to pretend to care about other people and that somehow continuing to vote for the two-party system and the Democrats means you are doing the moral and ethical thing. You think that what you believe in matters more than what might happen to other people, such as the black people that Hillary and her husband enabled to be mass incarcerated, or the brown people that Hillary has bombed in the middle east. Don’t pretend like you care about anyone other than yourself and your image and your brand of dangerous Democrats. Selfishness is the only trait you display in this silly, pointless vote for Hillary. Just stay home. Don’t bother revealing this ugly trait of wanting to vote for Hillary to the world.
  2. You don’t really care about the environment. If you did, you wouldn’t vote for Hillary since, as Secretary of State, she supported fracking abroad. If you did, you wouldn’t vote for Hillary since her family’s charitable organization takes millions of dollars in oil money from the likes of ExxonMobil. No, you don’t care about the environment AND STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU DO. You are willing to risk giving the presidency to someone who is ready and willing to drill baby drill, anywhere and everywhere, since Hillary has supported offshore drilling. (Oh, and never mind that Bernie Sanders could not get the nomination, since the DNC committed vote fraud in multiple states, and the primaries were rigged in Hillary’s favor all along.) If you knew anything about climate change, if you cared AT ALL about what was happening to the planet you wouldn’t vote for Hillary. If you vote for Hillary you are a fraud and no one should ever take anything you say seriously and you should stop telling other people the environment is your number one concern. It is not. Your ego is. Your ego is all that matters because you are so wrapped up in being that person who doesn’t vote for real progressives like the Green Party that you are willing to sacrifice the environment — yes, you are and don’t pretend otherwise. At least admit you are selfish and that your ego is all that matters.

3. Stop pretending you care about LGBT rights, women’s rights, black lives, Muslim American citizens in jeopardy. Stop pretending you care because you don’t. Hillary didn’t support gay marriage until it became politically convenient. She doesn’t care for women’s lives or she would not support policies of austerity and privatization which frequently hurt women and those of the LGBT persuasion, who are often the lowest paid and who suffer from domestic abuse, homelessness, and mental illness. Hillary’s record is one of someone who has spent decades on corporate boards like Walmart — who also, by the way, donated $25,000 to her, which is higher than the annual salary for Walmart employees, two-thirds of whom are female. Hillary doesn’t care for black people or she wouldn’t have campaigned for her husband’s injurious welfare cuts back in the 90s, or for her husband’s disastrous tough on crime laws, which disproportionately affected black communities, leading to mass incarceration of black males for crimes for which whites were getting lesser punishments. As far as embattled Muslims, Hillary, as warmonger, supports foreign policies that brutally target Palestinians and other hapless Muslims around the world. So stop pretending you care about blacks, gays, women and Muslims, because you don’t. Your ego stands in the way of your caring. You are attempting to sabotage yet another US election just so that you can posture and peacock and pretend like your flaccid, pointless, embarrassing throw-away vote for the Democrats matters. You are helping the Republicans win in your support for Hillary, who is hardly a counter to the Republicans, and that means you do not care about the above mentioned people. STOP PRETENDING YOU DO. Just admit who you are — part of the two-party establishment as a valuable tool in preventing any kind of real reform. Face it. You would prefer Donald Trump to get elected because then you can bathe in forever victimhood, saying you voted for Hillary, as though she represents real change. Then you can whine and grouse about the government because you have no real way of making any kind of real change happen, since the Democrats represent regression. What Hillary Clinton is offering isn’t good enough to combat Trump you so let’s just bring on Trump. You should admit this about yourself because you’re LYING IF YOU DON’T.

4. You desperately need attention with your pathetic article attempting to shame Green Party voters. You desperately need other people to notice you. The last thing you care about is what happens to anyone else. You don’t care about the environment since you are voting for Hillary. You don’t care about the future of the already endangered animals since you are voting for Hillary. You don’t care about the Supreme Court because all you really care about is yourself. Since you are voting for Hillary, your attempt at being cool by following the sinister status quo matters more than the welfare of others. You know that people pay attention to you when you say you’re voting Hillary because it means you’re a sheep. You’re the target for Starbucks and American Apparel, companies that love Hillary because she’s so corporate, because you’re easily manipulated. If your need for attention with your vote for a racist warmonger trumps your concern about the welfare of others that makes you a narcissist. Good luck with that.

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