2U NY Halloween

Halloween isn’t just a day here at 2U.
It’s a state of mind.

Beginning October 1, it’s no longer just program development and our many awesome projects to think about. It’s program development, our many awesome projects, and Halloween. High spirits are even higher, deep ambition, deeper. Halloween mode is on, and we mean business.

This year, 2U NY’s Halloween event was held in the Starrett-Lehigh building, home to our newest office space, transformed into Harry Potter heaven. There were wands on every table and wanted posters plastered on every wall, and of course, let us not forget the Ferrero Rocher golden snitches.

“2U knows how to celebrate Halloween.” — Katy Herrick, Product Development Intern

But the main event is always the costume contest. It turns out that each year here at the New York office, the costume contest is really just a fight for second place since one of our tech team’s lead developers, Michael Mahoney, always blows away the competition for first, which I now completely understand. I mean just look at this:

Michael Mahoney as Wolf, accompanied by his wife and daughter as Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. The entire costume (mask included) is handmade!

This year, second place went to us, the marketing team! And, as second place winners, we are all now proud owners of Apple watches; a “Halloween treat” has been redefined for me forever.

Our prize-winning costumes were part of an inside joke between our New York offices. I think that’s pretty cool on many levels but one being that even I, a relatively new intern, was in on it too. 2U is all inclusive and you are always welcome and encouraged to join in on the fun.

The Marketing team as “People of Chelsea Piers,” one of our NYC offices.

You see, Halloween is just but one example of how 2U is capable of generating a collective enthusiasm for pretty much anything. We are already here together for our shared passion for the education space, but this verve and energy is extended to any opportunity that presents itself — this month, the opportunity being Halloween.

“Halloween is a great celebration of 2U’s spirit.” — Ayan Sanyal, SEO Coordinator

Day in and day out, everyone here works to maintain this special atmosphere. Many, on top of that, have worked to make this year’s Halloween as great as it was and I’d like to take this time to give a few thanks and recognitions:

“Big thanks to Arly and her team for a great event. The decorations were amazing.” — Yesenia Ye, Special Projects Intern
“I had a really great time. I love Harry Potter and whoever thought about the wands should get a raise.” — Malik Mack, Web Marketing Analyst
“We wanted to really make this year stand out and we achieved it!” — Clarissa Jaime, Marketing Web Producer

Thank you, everyone. Halloween or not, the energy is always there and is always contagious. 2U is an awesome place to be because of all of you.

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About Alison Lee: Alison is a Marketing Tech Intern at 2U. She is a Junior at New York University studying Computer Science and is passionate about coding for good. Alison enjoys combining the more technical nature of her work with creative design, all in a way that allows her to help people out. She likes making apps from a social entrepreneurial stance, taking her camera everywhere she goes, and quoting Ron Swanson.