142 People Per Day

Regardless of where you live right now, it’s difficult to ignore the opioid epidemic and the destruction it’s causing in communities across Northern Virginia.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to sit down with professionals who spend each and every day doing their part to find solutions to this health crisis. And I learned a lot.

I learned that the impact of opioid addiction includes the altering of a person’s brain chemistry so as to create a physical need for the drug so compelling that the brain is unable to focus on anything other than getting it.

Addressing this crisis cannot wait: sign on to stand with me and demand Congress stand up to the big pharmaceutical companies and do more to fight the opioid epidemic.

While this epidemic continues to claim 142 lives per day, the solutions coming out of Washington are unacceptable. And just this weekend a report came out that federal officials whose responsibility it is to protect Americans from opioid addiction were actually protecting the pharmaceutical companies and their profits.

There are solutions out there. Dozens of experts have testified in front of Congress, committees have been created, and roundtable discussions held, but the current system is not addressing the problem in a comprehensive way.

Funding this crisis will be a top priority if I am elected to Congress.

It’s time for real action to fight the opioid epidemic — sign on to stand with me.


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