Honest, Safe, Kind

When Olivia was two, a friend suggested that I pick three standards for our house that I could use to explain why Olivia should or shouldn’t do something, instead of just saying, “No.”
I picked honest, safe, and kind. (I confess that some days — especially when she is getting ready for school or bed — I wish I would have chosen fast.)
And yet, these last eight years have taught me that there isn’t much that matters in this world that isn’t covered by honest, safe, and kind:
“Did you really wash your hands? Are you being honest?”
“Stop standing on that ball on the stairs with that stick in your mouth! That’s not safe.”
“How do you think that made her feel? Was it kind?”
It also seems to me that honest, safe, and kind are good guide rails for running a country.
“Tell me again about your relationship with the Russians? Why do the facts not match your testimony? How can we trust your administration to be honest?”
“Have you really thought through the ramifications of antagonizing our allies and compromising our intelligence? What about your draft budget? How does altering the world order, jeopardizing our clean air and water, and breaking infrastructure promises keep our nation, bodies, and economy safe?”
“How do you think that made the war hero or the Gold Star Family or the prize-winning journalist or the multitudes of women entitled to consent, feel? What does it say that school children across the country are having to write to the President about kindness?”
My two-year-old understood that if she was dishonest, unsafe, or unkind, she would have to stop what she was doing until she could improve her behavior.
This President and this Congress are long overdue for a time-out.

I am running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District for a lot of reasons, but most fundamentally, Northern Virginians deserve representation that reflects the values of our communities. Values like honesty, kindness, and the desire to keep people safe.

We’re still several months out from Election Day, but the kind of campaign we’re able to run depends on the resources we have. We could use more kindness and honesty in Congress; please contribute today to help me get there.

Thanks for all you do,

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