Today’s Vote

Earlier this week, we saw an impassioned plea from a Republican Senator to stand up for principles and country before politics and party.

This morning Rep. Barbara Comstock did the opposite, voting for a tax plan that hurts everyone she promised to protect, in service of a President she promised to stand up to.

I know this policy is wrong. The vote paves the way to cut taxes for millionaires and corporations while raising taxes on middle-class families and slashing funding for Medicare and Medicaid.

Virginia’s families can’t afford another term of Barbara Comstock’s leadership, and we have a real opportunity to flip this seat from red to blue. Make a contribution now to ensure our campaign has the resources we need to send new leadership to Washington to take on President Trump.

Virginians know this policy is wrong. What’s more, Rep. Comstock knew this policy was wrong, too.

Just weeks ago, Barbara Comstock voted against the very bill she supported today. But when the voting margin was slim and President Trump needed her vote, Rep. Comstock failed to honor her promise to be a check on this President, and instead gave him a blank one.

There’s real work to be done here, people in need of relief, and an opportunity to craft tax reform that truly increases growth and opportunity. And then there’s what happened today. The hard-working families of Virginia’s 10th District — and all Americans — deserve better.

Thank you,

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