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I would like to know where you (Kevin Carr) heard that there are “more than a dozen species of monkey and lemur in India.” Sorry, but in reality lemurs are only found in Madagascar (an island off the coast of mainland Africa. Just FYI since you may not be familiar). That’s pretty basic stuff for an animal buff.

I’m certainly no expert myself, but considering how many people are ignorant re: simple animal-related information, I think before writing an article such as this it is important to research all facts you intend to include. It’s irresponsible to give false information to the public (unfortunately, most of us assume that articles like yours have been reviewed for accuracy before being published). There is so much misinformation about the animal kingdom in T.V., movies, etc.

I’m just saying that considering that the premise of your article is how realistic an animated movie is, it seems like common sense to verify the REAL information before putting it out on the web for all to see.

I enjoyed the rest of this article immensely and was disappointed by this one glaringly false statement. I think you’re a talented writer. I just hope you’ll be more careful in the future.

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