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1st, the amount of hand-wringing over the “Warriors Dominance for the Next 10 Years” — when they haven’t even won their 2nd ring yet — is pretty funny. Chill, people. We all know what happened last year — it could happen again. And injuries, trades — it’s the NBA. Anything can happen. 2nd, you blaming CURRY for the silly 3-point foul shot makes me wonder how much NBA basketball you actually watch. You ever hear of James Harden? Lou Williams? Don’t even pretend to blame that 3-point foul nonsense (yes, I agree it’s nonsense) on Curry — who could take *much* more advantage of that silly rule than he does — when Harden got more 3 point fouls than any other TEAM this season, let alone any other player. That is a league problem, not a Curry/Warriors problem, and you should know that. 3rd, I watch different guys play pick-up basketball every day on my run. And you know what I see? Passing. Hustling. Switching. A couple really short dudes mixed in with the tall ones. Wow, sounds like the Warriors! And it’s beautiful to see. Yes, the occasional bad 3-point shot — and then a lot of crap from that player’s teammates to rein him in. What’s with all the *fears* about something that hasn’t actually come to pass? IT’LL ALL BE OKAY.

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