Let’s talk about Bill, Hillary, Donald, sexual assault, “liberal hypocrisy,” and the 90s.

Guess what? Trump is polling 2 points *above* Hillary today in 1 national poll and tied in another. Also, most voters think that “what Bill did” is worse than “what Donald said.” So let’s talk about it.

1. Yes, Bill was a creep. The pattern of allegations is disturbing.

2. Surprise: Donald Trump has his own rape allegations against him. Not only touching, kissing, but actual RAPE. He has been officially, on the record, accused of rape 3 times, including one allegation currently in court, for repeatedly raping and threatening the life of a 13 year old girl at convicted creep Jeffrey Epstein’s sex parties.

3. In the 90s, women’s claims of sexual assault or harassment were not taken seriously. People could barely say the term “harassment” without giggling. Anita Hill became a joke. Thus, people were more willing to look the other way with Bill. Luckily we have made some progress in taking women’s claims of assault and harassment seriously. Some. Clearly not enough.

4. In the 90s, the GOP leadership was intent on doing anything they could to bring down the popular Democratic president. Their efforts were seen as self-serving and cynical by much of the public. Public support of Bill was, in part, a rejection of the GOP’s divisive methods of political warfare towards a sitting president. Not a carte blanche on sexual abuse.

5. Part of Hillary’s defensiveness and suspicion when rumors surrounded her husband had to do with very real politically motivated smears on herself, her husband, and even their adolescent daughter. If any of you have been at the center of nationally televised and politically motivated attacks on you or your family, please, let me know. Tell me how you stayed calm and genteel the entire time.

6. No, Hillary did not silence her husband’s alleged assault victims. Donald lied. There is no evidence to this rumor, which has been debunked.

7. Yes, Hillary did say a couple of not-nice things about some of the women who came forward with stories of affairs with her husband. This is not shocking. What is shocking is that some people expect a woman, when being told her husband has cheated on her, to express nothing but rainbows and butterflies towards that woman.

8. Donald has shown with his words and actions a pattern of both public and private disrespect and unhealthy aggression towards women — and many, many others. Yes, Bill allegedly did things in private that were abhorrent. But Donald is setting an abhorrent tone for the entire country, including our young girls and boys who are watching this unfold — AND allegedly has done horrible things in private.

9. Bill is not on the ballot. Donald IS on the ballot. Can he defend himself without pointing at someone else and saying, “But he did it too!” like a child?