Curry is on that list noted in the article.
Burning River

  1. He’s on the list because he, like the others on the list, was awarded over 20 fouls on 3-point shots last season — not because he *intentionally* threw up at least 20 nonsense shots to earn a foul. The list includes people who were *legitimately* fouled on 3 point shots as well as those, like Harden, who have turned it into an “art” (or a con). Curry’s 3.2% includes some of both — real fouls and nonsense fouls.
    Regardless, it’s a big reach to say that 3.2 % of the time counts as “not uncommon” in any sense of that phrase. Come on now. ;) 96.8% of the time, NO fouls are called on Curry’s 3 point shots. Yet if you watch Warriors games, there are many times when fouls should be called (or could be called, according to the rules) but they aren’t. So therefore, since people love to rough up Steph (both at the 3 point line and below the basket, and pretty much everywhere) and yet fouls are rarely called when this happens, some might say it “all evens out” when it comes to Curry and those silly shots. The league average is 1.6%, so his average is a bit higher, but not that much, especially when you consider that Curry takes more 3s than anybody else on that list — including Harden — and is known as the most deadly 3 point shooter in the league from anywhere on the court — and some of those fouls are indeed real fouls.
  2. Yes, that was ridiculous. I’ll happily give you that. That said, he didn’t create the rule, and the league has said it will review it this summer, largely because of Harden’s exploitation of it. I’m glad they are looking at it. Dumb. Part of the reason I like Curry and the Ws is because 95% of the time, they actually would rather make the basket, rather than “drawing fouls.” They actually seem to take pride in making tough shots, not just tricking other players into giving them free throws or running over players on the way to the basket, unlike many players/teams.
  3. That said, there were a LOT of ridiculous calls in that game. If you really want to go there, we can talk all night about the calls on the Ws that were nonsense when they let the Cavs get away with the exact same play. Or, how LeBron James full on kicked Andre in the groin — much harder than Draymond’s swipe last year — and the refs didn’t even call it, let alone call it a flagrant, like they OBVIOUSLY would have done if it had been the Ws (esp Dray). Or how LeBron threw down the basketball hard out of frustration during that last play and wasn’t awarded a T — unlike how Draymond (or really any other player) would have been treated. Check the kick out, if you haven’t seen it. It’s a thing to behold: (seconds 41–43 or so)
    But the truth is, you seem like a nice guy, and I doubt you want to go back and forth about this, right? We both got a game to watch in a bit! Some calls sucked, others were fair. I hope tonight they’ll just let them play and let the best team win. For the record, I like and respect LeBron and Kyrie and your team in general. I don’t respect when people hate on the Ws in bandwagon-hate-parade fashion like they’ve done all year, acting like they’re ruining the league/universe/everything (after they lost?), and especially when many people don’t even know what they’re talking about when it comes to the actual players — just the hot takes they read online and the nonsense they hear their salty friends say. Cheers!
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