hoisting garbage shots as soon as there’s a whistle so they’ll inexplicably get free throws that…
Burning River

Hey man. Not trying to be rude, but it appears you don’t watch much Warriors basketball outside of the games against your team. Before you say more, read this article about this very phenomenon (which also drives me mad with fury). Check out the stats. James Harden had more 3-point fouls than not only any other player, but literally any other TEAM this year. He and Lou Williams are awarded 3 point fouls on more than 12% of their 3-point shots (Harden=16.7%!) Look down that list and see how far down Curry is compared to the rest. He’s awarded fouls from the 3 pt line only 3.2% of the time. 3.2 vs 16.7 and you’re blaming Curry? (And Durant almost never gets in to this move.) Think about how often Curry shoots from 3. Curry could take advantage of this league-problem-rule all the time, given how often people jump towards him when he’s out there, but he almost always scoots to the side and then shoots. But every now and then, especially in the playoffs and his team is hungry, he ‘plays the game’ too. It’s a league-wide problem, not in any way a Curry/Durant problem.