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Samantha Bee is luminous. John Oliver is necessary. And Seth Meyers — previously kind of meh— has become an incendiary truth-teller. Part of his power is his everyman persona: he speaks as someone who’d rather be telling silly jokes but recognizes that due to his dumb luck at having a TV show, it his duty to point out the national crisis of the authoritarian running as the Republican nominee with all the comedic and quick-editing tools at his disposal.

I wish Colbert had stuck with the Colbert Report. Can you imagine how he could have turned this election on its head — by playing around inside Trump’s head? This election might have been his defining moment as a cultural touchstone.

Yes, post-Stewart The Daily Show floundered, but Trevor and his (refreshingly diverse group of) correspondents keep getting better.

Yet I do appreciate the goofiness of Jimmy Fallon, especially when he’s not talking to politicians. Every now and then it’s nice to take a breather and just laugh. Maybe that’s the rub then: let comedy be comedy, and let politicomedy be politicomedy.

Not sure where that leaves SNL, though. I completely agree that their commentary on this election has been slightly-ok at best and dangerous-false-equivalence at worst. If they’re going to stay relevant in this new world they’re going to have to sharpen the knives and, to quote the Donald himself, just say it like it is.

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