Dear Everyone Who’s Hurting: Please Stop Shutting Down People Who Are Trying To Help
Cianna P. Stewart

Thank you. This is such an important sentiment. Activist movements easily fall apart if we don’t keep this central in our minds: We need allies everywhere, and nobody’s perfect. I acknowledge that not everyone will like the pins, and yet I think critics may be missing a vital point: The pin is also a daily reminder to actually get up and do something, rather than let this president and his allies be normalized.

I wish that HuffPost safety pin article, especially, would go away. The title is clickbait and shaming and his premise is nonsense — he can’t see into another’s heart and mind anymore than I can see into his. There are other articles that essentially say “wear the safety pin but also do more than that” or “the safety pin is not enough” which are much better, more inclusive, less clickbaity.

In addition to the examples you mentioned, there have also been popular articles shaming people for how they are grieving, even. Once we enter the arena of callously shaming others’ emotions in response to a troubling event of this magnitude, seems to me we have forsaken any goal of effectiveness and are dooming ourselves to drown in a million angry voices.

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