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I mean this genuinely, not as an attack, because I keep seeing this train of thought in objections to the safety pin. Why are you sure you know what the safety pin means to white cis folks? I don’t know your heart and mind; how could you know mine?

It is actually more convenient for me to not wear a pin. It would be easier to avoid looks or conversations it might bring up. It is not merely a feel-good gesture.

There are other reasons why people do things beyond just pats on the back.

I’m sure straight cis whites have been and are often undependable allies, which is bad. I can understand a lack of trust. But to go from a lack of trust to an assumption that all straight cis whites have the same self-serving motivations and there is no useful purpose for a resistant symbol at all?

At the very least it will be a reminder to the person wearing it to not fall into a stupor and normalize this dangerous man and his allies. It will be a reminder to not settle back into privilege and forget. It can be a reminder to speak up and act.

In addition, and this is important, it sends a signal to other straight cis white folks that bigotry is not acceptable. It shapes the social space. It can encourage those on the fence to wake up and resist the bigotry, as well.

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